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Why should we write songs?

I have been writing since the late 50's and have never once had a major artist/label release. So obviously I'm not in it for just the hope of making lots of money.

A few days ago I got to thinking about why I do this. What is it that compels me to keep writing? Well the answer was clear. I do this to create a reaction in those people who do hear my songs and the three specific reactions I strive for are:

(1) To CAUSE the listeners to think. (2) To MAKE the listeners laugh. (3) To ALLOW the listeners to cry when they need to.

I firmly believe that any writer who does this long enough, well enough, and is always striving to grow as a writer, will eventually find that the money takes care of itself.

Michael Ernie
Michael Ernie  (over 6 years ago)

Sounds Like all good reasons to me.... and good advice.