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Jacquescoley on Canadian Broadcast Corporation Radio

Francais en Russe and Can This Black Man Sing The Blues on CBC. http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Jacquescoley

Indie Film Drama Licensing Submission

"You've Got to Feel Something" was submitted to Hit License for a Indie Film Drama. Indie Film Drama

Music Supervisor needs emotional Singer Songwriter and Pop/Rock songs for an upcoming Indie film. Music needs to capture the feelings of struggle, falling, loss...

Ogilvy/Dove's Men Submission

"I'll Consult My Archaeologist" submitted to Midem France...Ogilvy Men's Care...http://www.sonicbids.com/Opportunity/OpportunityView.aspx?opportunity_id=106107

Selected for Interfusion Music Summit 2012

Jacquescoley has been selected for the IMS Interfusion Music Summit in Palm Springs, CA. bids.com/2/Submission/SubmissionDetails.aspx?artistID=283464&submissionID=6124801

Fire Wolf Come Home selected for Indie Castle Radio

http://profiles.sonicbids.com/artists/Jacquescoley http://indiecastle.net/

The Independent Music Scene Feature

Jacquescoley selected for The Independent Music Scene Feature. http://www.sonicbids.com/Profile/PromoterProfile.aspx?account_id=333841&opportunity_id=100695#100695

Eugene Jacquescoley Selected for AFTON, LLC Nationwide Bookings


"Occupy Wall Street" is #5 on Madd Radio


Everthing but the Girl

Eugene Jacquescoley Music Group plan to contact Everything but the girl to cover "Don't Leave Me Behind" for the 2013-2014 album "And, Then Came Jacquescoley."

Were The Lambs So Hungry Coming Soon

Hey RN and fans:

Jacquescoley and Nayo has teamed up to for our new single "Were The Lambs So Hungry" coming in 2012.

Cheers. J