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november tour

booking for our november tour is well underway, we will have our friend annie palmer joining us for the first week! if you've not heard her music, go directly to her myspace page. right now. please refer to our shows page to see where we'll be and if you know anyone in lawrence ks, kansas city, or st. louis who might be able to help us with a show, please contact us.

our friend ron harrity, of peopod recordings, was interviewed on "greetings from area code 207" at wclz 98.9fm this past wednesday. the show will be broadcast again on sunday at noon, so tune in to hear more about the map room sessions, if you haven't heard the show already. our map room session is in production at the moment, it will include an hour of spontaneous brown bird tunes with more of a hint of our indie-rock past, and a small book of photos taken by mandy lamb. the photo book is to have a letterpressed cover, so a nice package overall.

our post-november tour plans involve a few new england shows here and there, but our focus will be on our upcoming album which we hope to finish in the spring of 2008.