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New stuff coming soon!

So we've got day jobs. And we've got families in far off places. And all three of us have serious surfing habits. So, it would figure that eventually it would happen by chance that one of us would travel for business, then one of us would go on a surf trip, and just as he gets back, another one would go visit family. But now that's done and it's time to finish our record so look out for some new music from Camp Granada soon!

Camp G. in February

We're getting everything dialed for our next recording session at Dead Records. We've got a bunch of new songs to lay down and we're getting close! In the meantime we're going through tape from some of last year's shows. Stay tuned!


We've got a show on December 8th at Pier View Pub. The guy that runs the sound is amazing and so is his resume. Luckily he lives right next door and likes to train his crew and run sound at Pier View Pub for beer money. Of all the places we've played, Pier View Pub's sound has been the best, hands down, so don't miss our last show of 2011!

Speaking of last shows...Camp Granada is going to take a break from the scene for some overdue recording sessions at Dead Records in Oceanside. We'll be back in full force early in 2012 armed with a debut record and a whole bunch of show dates.

Come out and dance!