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About to post Plastic

Down to half an hour. Plastic is only skin deep.

Dead by Dawn

After a very long time, I'll finally be releasing the first single for my second album! The album was originally going to be named Absinthe... but with the evolution of the year, it has changed. Stay posted for the release of "Plastic" from my upcoming album Dead by Dawn.


Well, this weekend wasn't quite as productive I had hoped to make it. I had to get up early yesterday to take the SAT, and then crashed once I got home. I slept in today, worked on a couple of new songs... now getting ready to head back to school.

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CD Giveaway Contest

Hi everyone, I've launched a new contest where several lucky winners will receive a Circus of Alice CD and Absinthe CD. Learn more at http://rafl.es/Tq863Y.

Toothpaste was not meant to be used on your eyes.

Well, it's true. As dopey as it sounds, I've managed to put toothpaste in my eye. xD I woke up this morning and followed my usual schedule: wake up, sloppily fold my bed, take a shower. . . brush my teeth in the shower. I got this far without destroying the world, which is rare. ^^ As I vigorously rinsed my toothbrush, a rogue drop of blueish-white past flew for freedom right into my left eye. It proved to be be quite bothersome. First my eye stung a bit, then about a minute later, it felt like my eye was completely burning out. xP All that happened after that was I got really light-headed, saw a bunch of colors, felt many unpleasant feelings in my stomach, and and just about collapsed on my flimsy legs. xD Not very fun. Apparently, many people get toothpaste in their eye(I may be over exaggerating for pride-protection purposes). Well, they only had their eyes sting. None of the extra fluff. Maybe my eye is allergic to toothpaste? Maybe you would like to rinse your eyes with toothpaste, too? Hope you have as much fun as me! 3