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LittleHouse in Tomi Magazine's September issue

Hey you Simbillies, check out an article about JP and LittleHouse in Tomi Magazine's September issue, pages 30-31! http://www.tomimagazine.com/

Saturday night at The Barn

The show saturday night was a smoker, Mark Nomad, killed, then the kids in the band hit the stage with Joe Montineri and Tom MacGregor & opened with The Pleasant Ones. Highlights, Eddy out front on hand percussion, vocals & then some hot dance moves on Space Dog, dueling lead guitars with T-Mac and Chris, Mark sporting crazy shoes, JP rolls out a brand new song, unrehearsed & it flies perfectly, the best show ever!

Warming up for the 18th!

Man, rehearsal last night was a blast, I really think the audience is going to love the new show and format! Besides the 4 for 1 CD program rollout we will also have two new T-shirt designs in three different colors for sale, so you all can profess your Simsbilliness to the world at large, 24/7/365! Can we please hear a Yah-Hoo?

LittleHouse fundraiser September 25th to support local school

On the 25th LittleHouse gives back, the kids rock a fundraiser for a local school, 30 couples are attending and pledging their support and $ for the cause. Hey dinner, an opening act by Brian MacDonald, plus more of the top secret, very cool LittleHouse show that begins on the 18th, 4 for 1 CD's, come on now this is definitely not your Grandfather's fundraiser baby! We are "Rocking for Learning"!

Release of LittleHouse "Old School" CD

The Kids will be polishing up the "Old School" tunes over the next few weeks in anticipation of seeing all of our Simsbilly pals at the Saturday Night Music Club on September 18th at the Barn, for the release of our first CD, we are chomping at the bit to put the CD's in the hands of everyone who has supported our musical endeavors for the last two years! Can I get a Yee-Haw! This is going to be good!

Septermber 18th show at The Barn

Oh you lucky Simsbillies that signed up for the 18th, something special from the kids this month, top secret and very cool is coming your way. Joe's brain is in overdrive, the ideas moving to reality, becoming something fantastic and at the end of the evening of the 18th no one will be able to come close to wiping the smile off your face!

Down In The Delta on Give to The Gulf compilation album

Good news for all the Simsbillies and just plain music lovin' folks everywhere, LittleHouse’s tune, Down In The Delta has been accepted as a song to go onto the second Give to the Gulf, iTunes compilation album! This is great news for us, when we recorded this song it was part of the New Orleans Project, the premise of that project was to help our fellow Americans languishing in the still largely devastated City of New Orleans, so the whole Give to the Gulf involvement just fits together so nicely with our original wishes for the song. Now with the setbacks to the working class, businesses and daily life brought on by the BP offshore drill rig failure there are even more reasons to get involved! The album Give to the Gulf, Volume II is now compiled, mastered and up on iTunes for your purchasing & listening pleasure at http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/give-to-the-gulf-vol-2/id389584092