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#GRSummerProject Kickoff

Meeting tons of great and inspiring people to help inspire our next generation of artists.

Tons of great stuff and a great movement to work towards. More Updates to come


Using the Art

We had an interesting discussion today about the power of alternative therapies. Art Therapy and Music Therapy are powerful tools and obviously I feel a connection to the music side of things a little deeper.

I feel like anyone who has learned how to process their emotional baggage by writing about it is opening themselves to people with the hopes of reaching them on a level plane.

My focus when I am writing has nothing really to do with make a new song, but getting the crap out of my head that is clogging in up. I use my music in a lot of ways as a journal, and with any song I can tell you the situation or the person responsible for the lyrical ideas.

Sometimes people hear music and for whatever reason they relate to the song so much that they feel like the song was written for them, or the situation that they are experiencing at the time.

Music really is a universal language that regardless of the genre can offer a beneficial set of tools so that you can make it through the storm.

That's what music does for me whether I am listen, or creating. It's just how I process things, does anyone else relate?


Working hard this week, GR Summer Project!!!

We have been asked to be a part of an amazing opportunity here in our home town of Grand Rapids.


We are involved in the music portion but it is an amazing opportunity to reach young adults throughout our community and explore the power of music.

I have always felt that regardless of the situation, music has gotten me through it all. Whether it is listen to a good song, writing, or playing music has saved me. This project will give all of us in the band a chance to share one of our favorite passions with the community. We are all honored to be a part of this and I can't wait to show you updates moving forward. I have had a lot of cool opportunities because of my inability to shut up and always needing to meet new people, but sometimes it really works out.

More to come, AJ

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Finally, more to come

We have be working tirelessly for new music and we are to a point now where we are happy with the results. Any true musician will tell you that we are our worst critics and we can always do a better job. We are hoping to get back in the studio and have a full 10-15 song full album to share by September 2018. All of us in the band have lives that get in the way but this is our outlet and we have been working hard to get the right music put together so that when we share it with you, you like it as much as we do.

If you are in the West Michigan area we are working on getting back to gigs later this summer hopefully in July or August. We have began our search for our booking/business manager and we are looking forward to accelerating our impact very soon. Thank you so much for being supportive and all the people behind the scenes that are making this idea a reality.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon

Thanks, AJ

New Songs on Thursday July 6th!!!

We have finally done it!!! After months and months of planning, practice, and determination we are finished with the initial 5 songs. The release of the full EP will still waiting to be mixed and mastered, therefore the official release for the full EP is yet to be determined.

We will be performing July 15th at Grand Rapids on Tap and we would love to see you there in support. Here is the link...


Come out, have some fun, and try some new beers.

Special thanks to 97.9 WGRD for putting us on the bill and letting us have our fun.