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Feeling The Love

I am full of gratefulness and of the utmost sincere appreciation.

It is so nice to see that the music that I am involved with and make gives that much enjoyment to others as it does for me.

I would like to take a moment now and as always, to extend a very sincere heartfelt THANK YOU to ALL those who have taken the time to check out my page, see and hear my music and who have liked my Facebook Artist Page. Without you, none of what I do would have the true deep and intimate meaning that it does.

It means the world to me and you are all who make this worthwhile.

Thank you all so very much!

Much Peace, Love and Respect, Ron.

Seven Below Project, Three Points of Madness, Orphans and more!

Greetings everyone! Well its that time for a blog.

So, tonight was VERY cool. I am thankful that the Lord above blessed me and I was able to get another rough video take of a new Seven Below tune done so me and my drummer can start working on it.

This is song# 2 titled "Heart and Soul"

Again, for those who may have forgot or don't know, The Seven Below Band is my solo smooth funk/jazz/fusion/R&B project that features my fellow cats Kevin Williams, Chris Haggerty and Jason Myers. We hope to get both a Trombone and Trumpet Player as well. As of now, everything is in the formative stages. Three songs are currently written and in the process of being put together.

First drums and bass will be the focus on the first three tunes. So far the first three tunes are, "I've Got Ab" a Jaco-esk funky fusion number, and "Maria" a smooth Latin/Jazz/Classical piece. Both of these are recorded but the first needs drums and brass tracks and the later a bass line, guitar, drums and brass.

The newest and third tune, "Heart and Soul" was just written recently and all that is done with it is the arrangement and bass lines. So there is some work to do but its ALL good. This will be an instrument project with the brass taking the lead, they will be no vocals unless a vocalist would be so kind to land with us. :)

Great things are going on in the Three Points Of Madness and Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans camps as well.

George Petrus and I will be moving into our new rehearsal space on Sunday and hopefully will have enough time to start work on our newest tune.

Next Sunday, 6/30/13, we will be beginning the recording of our 5 song EP which will feature 3 new songs, one familiar tune plus a live performance track from one of our recent shows!

New video footage will be getting under way next week. We have some great footage courtesy of David Zane from our 6/7/13 Dusk show that we will be sharing with you all soon. Thanks so much for your business, Dave! We'll be working with you in the future for sure!

We also should have video footage from our last gig at The Attleboro Expo to work with from both Three Points of Madness and The Orphans, so stay tuned for that as well.

So, many good things going on. Stay posted for the latest in news as there will be much to keep up with.

More shows are being planned and in the works as well for Fall and beyond.

Again, thanks so much to everyone for their Love and Support.

I am hoping that the momentum and positive energies continue.

Much Peace, Love and Respect, Ron.

Three Points of Madness RI Rhode Show

Well, we are giving it another shot, only with our newest band! Three Points of Madness has submitted a song and video to this year's RI Rhode Show's band competition. If you like, please make some noise for us and vote for us this year. More details coming soon. In the meantime, check out "Raging Sea" and enjoy! http://youtu.be/l4H6C1_ucK4

Latest Bass Rumblings!

A VERY musical weekend and week coming up!! Very excited about it! Rehearsal with Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans tomorrow, Rehearsal with Three Points of Madness on Sunday, Live Televised Appearance with Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans on RI PBS at 7p.m. this Monday, 3/4/13, Hemlok - Three Points of Madness LIVE @ Dusk Friday 3/8!! and Show in Downtown Worcester 12 noon on Sunday, 3/10/13. Whew!!! LOL, its going to be fun though! Hope to get back on writing more music soon, especially on my solo jazz/funk/fusion stuff, but all around, music is flowing and its ALL good. :) Hope to see you all at a show near you, and of course thank you all for your love and support. Much Peace and Respect, Ron.

Latest in News, Much To Report!!

Wow, what a great show tonight with Kevin Williams and The Invisible Orphans, and Three Points of Madness!

Me and the boys would like to extend a very sincere thank you to all of those who braved the snowy wet weather to come and rock out with us tonight, we love you and we hope you had just as much of a great time as we did!

Thanks to the Staff at the Apartment and all of those who have been supporting us over the years, it is appreciated more than you know.

Next gigs are:

Monday, 3/4/13, Live Rhode Island PBS Broad Cast of Kevin Williams & The Invisible Orphans. This is a very exciting opportunity for us that we are very honored and proud to be a part of. Its PBS' honoring the life and music of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King. We hope you check in at 7p.m. for the Special and to see The Orphans make RI proud!

Friday, 3/8/13, Three Points of Madness Live with Hemlok at Dusk in Providence RI. Its always a great time at Dusk with Rick Sunderland and co and its going to be a great night of the best Prog Rock Bands that RI has to offer, so come on down. Show start about 9ish, $5 cover, 21+, stay posted for more details coming soon.

Sunday, 3/10/13, Kevin Williams and The Invisible Orphans Live in Worcester MA, St. Paddy's Day Celebration! Come on down to Worcester's St. Paddy's Day Celebration featuring a great variety of entertainment! The Orphans take the stage at 12p.m. in the afternoon. More details coming, so stay posted!

Many more exciting things coming on the way, so stand by and keep on checking back for more news and happenings all around!

Much Peace, Love, and Respect,


This past weekend, Lots of new Music On its way!

Wow, what a GREAT weekend, so sad that its coming to an end, this week is going to suck at work, but hopefully it will be very productive. Anyhoo, back on the weekend. Got to work with my fellow musician and bandmate George Petrus this Saturday and we got two new songs on deck for Three Points of Madness. Me and the boys also had a killer rehearsal and session this Sunday. Spent the day working on new material and they are sounding goooood!! We are all very excited and can't wait for the next show. Lots of great things happening. Got inspired tonight and started writing/arranging another new song for my solo Smooth Funk/Jazz Fusion project, The Seven Below Band. Its called "Chillin" May put a sneak peek of me composing the melody/chords from video I shot tonight. Going to work on the previous latin/jazz piece I wrote, need a bass line for it. Hopefully will be able to find some time in this busy week, if not that,s what Friday and the weekend is for. Also, don't forget, Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans will be performing at Fete in Downtown Providence this Thursday, 1/24/13. We hope to see you all there! Sucks about the Patriots loosing, but I wasn't surprised, The Ravens are hungry this year and as much as I hate to say it, I think they are going to win the Super Bowl, personally, I would much rather see the 49ners win, but I just have a feeling that Baltimore is going to take it all. As always I want to thank you all for all of your love and support. Will be in touch again soon. Hope this post holds you for a bit! Much Peace, Love and Respect, Ron.

Lots of good things going on!

Wow!, what a last couple of GREAT musical days!! Had a very productive rehearsal with Three Points of Madness Thursday night as we are getting ready for our 8/25/12 gig at Charlie Bravos next week. I was also able to meet with Kevin that same night to continue work on my next upcoming solo jazz fusion/smooth funk album for my Seven Below Project! The first song is all most done and sounding mighty tastey. Got to get going on song number 2 and 3! As for tonight I had a pretty bitchin gig at Ralph's Dinner in Worcester with Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans! Got some business that I am working on with Octopus Triangle as well to try and get us some more bookings to get us through the rest of the year. I also start a new job in a week! I am very excited about where things are going and I hope and pray that God will continue to bless me and guide me though it all. I almost was going to get down on myself agian and get frustrated, but I don't see how I can as things are going pretty alright. Just got to keep rolling with the punches and when Life punches you in the face or gut, just punch it back and kick it in the balls! Hope all is well and thanks agian so much for all of your support and kindness. Life is hard so play hard! Ron.

Much Thanks & Good Things on The Horizon

Hey all, wow, what a weekend it was! Just getting to catching up on FB now, had to use yesterday to recover from all of the excitement and such. Lots going on, lots of news to report on, so let’s start! I would first off like to thank the following people: My friends and fellow musicians, John Giacchi, Kevin Williams, and James E. Miller for their continued support and help and for helping me bring my solo smooth funk/jazz/R&B project, (The Seven Below Band) live and to life. The gigs with The Seven Below band and Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans at this past Saturday's 4th Annual Attleboro Expo of The Senses Music & Arts Festival was AWESOME! Special thanks to the City of Attleboro, Mim Fawcette and to James Jones for keeping this great event going. This past Friday's gig at Fete in Providence RI with the Orphans and The Roadkill Orchestra was also a success. Thanks to Stu and The RoadKill Orchestra for the support, friendship and for being our great musical allies, we had a blast and will do it again really soon!! Had a great practice with Octopus Triangle this past Sunday night. Me and the boys are working on some new treats and will be working on further promotion and gigs for our debut release, so stay posted! And of course last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank ALL of my fans, friends and fellow supporters. You mean the world to me. I definitely feel the love. :) Well, that’s all for now, just wanted to give a quick blurb to let everyone know what was new. On a sad note, I was sad to hear that my one of my favorite restaurants, The Old Grist Mill Tavern in Seekonk Ma burnt down this past Sunday morning due to a tractor trailer crashing into their building and rupturing a gas main, I’m going to miss that place, spent many of my years there with family and friends. At least this happened at 6:00a.m. and not during business hours!!! Also was not happy to see that the Red Sox gave one of my favorite players the screws and walking papers, (Kevin Youkilis). What the hell??? Yeah John Henry, Tom, and Larry, you REALLY know how to keep a champion team together. Theo walks, you let a GREAT manager in Francona go, not like he did anything, he only got us our first two championships in 80 YEARS!, and then you get us this JOKE of a replacement, I say Jason Varitek for Manager, anyone with me?! Anyhow, lots of things to come on the horizon, here is to the future! Talk to you all soon. Much Peace and Respect, Ron.

Upcoming Shows!

Read all about it! Shows are booked and more to come with all of my projects! Upcoming shows: 4/19/12 Live w/ Kevin Willliams & The Invisible Orphans @ Dusk in Providence RI, 4/28/12 Live w/ Kevin Williams & The Invisible Orphans @ AS220 Providence, RI, 5/4/12 Live w/ Seven Below Band & Kevin Williams & The Invisible Orphans @ The Apartment, Providence RI, 5/10/12 Octopus Triangle's triumphant return to the stage w/ good friends Hemlok @ Dusk in Providence RI.

Upcoming new Blog! Its been too long! :)

Hey all, i will be writting a new blog hopefully by the end of this week and will post it on all of my pages. Stay tuned, many good things to announce musically, very exciting news regarding the return of Octopus Triangle, Seven Below and more! Stay tuned!