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Are you ready for this year we know we are we released a 10 song album that you may recognize 2 of the songs it is called "2012 Opening Act For The End Of The World" it is a rock opera that was the first album of the original form of Autumn Eclipse.

"BAD TASTE" Coming this March -April our Debut album for the final incarnation of Autumn Eclipse with all but one of the songs from our ep now professionally recorded with 4 new songs keep watch for more details.

Grand Junction CO. We shall be hitting CO. around CD release time so be sure to catch us out there to get your copy


HGR (Heavy Guitar Rock) RECORDS
HGR (Heavy Guitar Rock) RECORDS  (almost 6 years ago)

Lookin fw to the "Bad Taste" albbum--the single sounds KILLER. Also ROCK the f out of CO, the 2nd best midwest state for metal, after UT of course. :=)
Tons of local metal vids at/coming to www.youtube.com/user/hgrrecords!

The New Year!!!

So the new year is upon us and so it's time to bring in a new year with a new look and feel so we are starting up our artwork contest for artwork to use for our 2011 Logo,Symbol,shirts,stickers,posters, and even maybe our Single when we release it in 2011. So all you artists looking for free exposure through crossmedia promotion or just any of you fans that have created artwork or logo's for the band based on how the music makes you feel. So get your submissions in by Dec. 31st and then we will spend the first week or two of January deciding on the artwork based on our votes and the votes of all of you fans.

The need to know??

So we have decided the best way to get our music out even further then it is is to play at new venues in new cities so what we need to know is what cities should we be trying to get shows? so post a comment and let us know what city you live in or the closest to you with a venue so we can try and book a show out there so you can come see us live and we can hang out with some new people or if you want to book a show with us out there that would be awesome as well and we could try and pull the same for out here. -Autumn Eclipse-

3 Free demos

the 3 pre mastered songs are available for download

Autumn Eclipse's Rise to Power!!!

ok so maybe not power haha but we are moving up in the world with an awesome opportunity to win a lot of money via Battle of the Bands this Dec. 19th at In The Venue this is the finals so with out all the support we can get we won't have a chance The tix are $8 from us and $10 at the door its 12 bands in all if you need tix just E-mail sirbugaboo@netzero.com and I will get those to you thank you for your support we are nothing without you