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Review, blog #1

Thanks for the response to my review offer! Three first will be - C Sharp by Renderzvous, - 2012 (The Trojan Horse) by Digee, and - Round and Round by MalachiMaxx EL

Stay tuned! T.U.S.

New album in the making...

That Unknown Something's second album is in the making. Ten tracks have been singled out for a late November release, and we can't wait to hear the finished result! We'll be posting more information + some teasers in the coming month. Stay tuned! Until then, check out Slightly Familiar/Slightly Eerie on iTunes or Amazon (if you haven't already). Cheers, T.U.S.

About Magnificent Desolation

"Magnificent Desolation" were the first words astronaut Buzz Aldrin uttered standing on the lunar surface (or on the floor of a Hollywood basement, if you are a moon hoax theorist). This song is not about the moon really (or Hollywood). The song was simply meant to be a monotonous and dirge-like fragment; an intermezzo between two proper songs. The leitmotif, "Magnificent Desolation", was given up as a title, 'cos the words didn't fit in. We started calling it "Dog". Can't quite remember... Maybe Chris Isaak had been on the radio, or maybe the voice just flipped like that. Anyway, a major chord chorus fell into place and everybody smiled. We had a new song - with strings.