The Smooth Jazz Live Crew was blessed with the presence of Philadephia native,Contemporary Vocalist,,keyboardist and music director Gail Jhonson & her incompriable band at Spaghettini on Saturday, November 26th. Smooth Jazz Live knows that this first lady of Smooth Jazz is no stranger to the world of playing music. Gail Jhonson,was keyboardist and music director with Norman Brown's Summer Storm, has enjoyed 2 indie label releases. She played her new songs from her new CD Her Story and she killed it once again! The piano melodies are sweet, the grooves are mesmerizing, the flavor is a compact blend of jazz and R&B. She has been accompanied in the past by recording artists: Paul Brown, Nelson Braxton, James Lloyd, Marion Meadows & Grammy award winner Norman Brown. Tonight she featured her daughter, who is on her way to being a Alist Artist right out of High School. The Smooth Jazz Live crew were joined by close friends Larry and Barb Emdur,Tamara Collins,Rhonda Kilpatrick,Carolyn Jones,Anisha Wilson,Scott Mackie,Lj Holifield, Tina Marie Wong,Maria Gallo Diaz, & our favorite staff at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, Ca. Fellow band member and vocalist/musician,Robert McDonald, blew the crowd away with a special request to singing “This Masquerade”...and got a standing ovation...As er said,Gail Jhonson is promoting her new CD titled "Her Story".while rocking the house with her amazing band of cats Rob McDonald on Bass, LJ Holifield,Isha Love on synth, and the one and only Gary Stanionis, Drummer, Percussionist, Song Writer, Musician. Gary even gave Smooth Jazz Live's own, Frances Cohen, Shekere lessons after the hot as hell show...