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Unplugged: The Street Album

Mark your calendars for July 8th!! Unplugged will be blessing your speakers and invading your ear drums. I personally want thank my fans and supports for the luv and believing in me!


What's up with everybody? Hope your enjoying this last quarter of the year with so many artists bringing you some good music. I am taking this time to inform you and let you know that for the next month and a half I will "Revamping" things for you. Be on the look out come November for all new tracks and more from me. Don't forget to get your Free Downloads and to sign-up on the mailing list so you can get direct updates. Thank you for all your luv and support.



Against All Odds - July 9th 2013

Tuesday July 9th, get the Exclusive download of my 3rd cd "Against All Odds" on www.reverbnation.com/bigkthaofficial Become a fan to get the Exclusive downloads 1st. You don't want to be caught sleeping on this one. Thank you

Alway's On My Grind - Oct 2, 2012 Release


Its finally here after a long wait the streets are being rushed again by Big-K. The next release is gonna take ya through my life, grindin to survive. Not just streets, but everything we go through.... work, home, etc. Sorry for the delay in between cd's but hey this independent game is a deifferent ballpark. Please show support for this project and enjoy.

Thank You to all of my fans old and new -Big K-


Performance in San JOse