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Tiger Jatt is a Urban American Punjabi Singer

Tiger Jatt is a Urban American Punjabi Singer from New York City with hit singles such as Hauli Hauli Nach Ke, Aadat, and his new release Highway off of his upcoming album release, TOP GUN. His music focuses are Urban R&B, Bhangra with hip-hop, and remixes. TJ sings and writes all of his tracks. Tiger Jatt has been featured as the next Top Urban Punjabi Singer and aspiring artist in numerous Press and Media the world over.As the world audiences are still recovering from the aftershocks of his upbeat and unique style, he’s going even further in the game by combining Panjabi and Spanish music. Tiger’s musical influences have been Chamkila who he has been listening to as a young child. He started his music career by firstly perfecting his skills with the help of a vocal coach and then he took his talents to parties, melas, etc. Once he had some recognition, he hit up the studio and started recording Today, Tiger Jatt is one of the most successful American Urban Punjabi artists with a loyal fan base world wide.

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