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Dear Sincerely / Blog

Self-Preservation Is Not a Crime - Lyrics

Wandering eyes will bring back the sunrise. Back into your lungs breathe my air.

Let me sculpt my face again, And realign the tears in my hands design a fear that grows, And takes a hold of feathers that shed like wildfire.

Rip apart these wounds again, that recollect the sins that I, Lies that she begins to whisper, "Where the fuck do I begin?"

I filled this boat, which we built for two, in a solid foot of concrete and ash. I burned that house, on it's mound of memories, found the woods that crumbled in my hands that hold this swan with no tail, never learned to fly. I trace the lines back to where I laid rest your last goodbye.

What I've done? Why we're fighting? What you've said: "Rip out my tongue, Rip out my eyes, What have I done? Was I wrong? Was I wrong?"

Was I wrong?

This is always my favorite part, Where you try to place the moral. You always use me as the villain, But don't you realize I'm the fucking hero?

I've fallen back here, inside my own mind, To recreate the blossoms left in my eyes. There’s nothing left here, It's all gone black. There's nothing left here, I take nothing back.

I don't know what it is about me (I regret Nothing)

I have taken all of this that I’ve learned, From you, From them, and I hope that you burn. (I Feel Nothing) (I Mourn Patience)

Stone Birds Don't Soar - Lyrics

We've been marching on days and nights for end With our words that will never stop I want to make you mine We've been marching on days and nights for end With our words that come from down on high I want to push you down

We sacrifice; we cut into a million little pieces What do you want?

(Say goodbye to what you think you know You lose it all, crushed by the weight)

Starting right today I'll make these victories my own What was winning yesterday? Has started failing me today

We're pushing on. We're moving on. We're swarming on. We're fighting on.

Let's set these city walls ablaze tonight.

So throw down your arms, call off your archers Nothing can hold me I'm unstoppable I've lost all my control

Hold Fast There is no way you can arm yourself Paths been chosen from the very start Your towers high, but nothing can hold me. I'm breathing fire; just give, abandon

There is no way you can arm yourself Your paths been chosen I only bring misery.

We tried to hold on what we always While we all tried to bring these walls down I guess it's time to let these city walls burn.

Atlas of Fear - Lyrics

(We won't see them coming Their hands push us forward Into the dirt We live on our hands and knees So on our own terms We are taken away)

We cry to the sky “Open up, let your rain fall.” Trade a broken watch for breaking my fall

Fade with your hands My fear never bends

My life, was like a painting But the paint you chose was dripping all along Now it's gone.

And I still want to see footsteps behind me So I know I'm not the same as I was last night Give me a sign 'cause it's all I have

Fear. It taps into my instincts tells me to run To hide To dread What I've always known We forged her skin out of ice and brick It burns me like iron ore By tooth and nail we bring across a river Of shadows and tales of desperation

This clock on the wall with it's face that will never see Hands that will grasp at the seconds as they slip away

One thing I've learned from all of this mess: Freezing this town was never the answer, It was only a temporary cure for your self-serving greed.

(Standing alone in the sky)

I will wait for my time to rise Without my bonds that bind me to this ice torn state

I wait for my time Everything is left helpless. This is my stand, That you will, that I overcome.

Give me a sign 'cause it’s all I have