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NEW music (sort of)

Some of these aren't very recent, but they are new recordings and some updates to old projects I have worked on over almost the past year now.

Somehow, these slipped through the cracks and it wasn't until I thought I should post something new that I realized none of these were on here already.

The past year, I have been working on another project and exploring different musical styles and more electronic production. It doesn't exactly fit with the sort of music on here but I might share some of that sometime.

I have abandoned these projects though. There are a lot of other songs I have been writing and working on but, because I was working on that other music, I just haven't had the time to get any recorded.

I will be switching my focus back to getting some recordings of these new songs and hope to have them up here soon.

Thanks for listening!

More to Come

New posts have been few and far between but there are new things to come. I have been working on many of my older projects as well as new material. So in addition to new songs, I will be posting updated versions of some of the songs already on here.

They might not be completed songs but , at least, they should be a step in that direction.

Let me know if there are certain songs you would like me to work on--I am open to suggestions.

Keep checking back for new posts--I hope you will enjoy them!

new material

I am trying to get as many things finished as possible as quickly as possible. I know there aren't too many songs up right now, but trust me, I am working on it. It's all a mix of songs already written with new songs I am writing.

Also, when I get some work done on songs previously posted I will mark them as updated.

Basically, I will do my best to have something new to check out often.