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Then again...

The Portland chapter was planning to say goodbye this month with DP heading back to the Midwest, but plans have changed. Stay tuned for new show announcements and more in the following weeks.

New Line-up Complete

As I've posted before: We could never replace our brothers in Chicago and would never want to. But we HAVE to get out and play and so we're pleased as punch to announce the new PDX line-up: Drums - Paul DeMichele Bass - Robert Finn Multi-instrumentalist - Jeff Porter Vocals, Lead Guitar - Mick Radichel Vocals, Rhythm Guitar - Derek Phillips

The first show is December 4 at the White Eagle in Portland. Hope to see you there.

New Faces, New Songs

We can't replace them and would never want to if we could. The boys back in Chicago are our brothers and what we made of this band together is irreplaceable. But now we're moving into the next chapter and Mick and I are very lucky to have found a couple kindered spirits here in Portland to help us move things along.

Jeff Porter is an outstanding multi-instrumentalist who has opened the sound of the songs to some amazing results. Pedal steel, mandolin, lead guitar...who knows what else. He's a hell of a guy to boot. His take on "Stranded" is going to make some people cry, it's that good.

Paul DeMichele is pretty well known out here and every time we bring his name up people nod with more than a hint of jealousy. Respectful of how Joshua played the earlier material, Paul is bringing his own sense and style to the songs while pushing us along on the newer ones. I hope you all are ready for the rock.

We have a show announcement coming soon and will be road testing some new songs on that date. Once it's confirmed, we'll share the details. In the meantime, play a song here or watch a video and please, please tell your friends.


Demos, Details and Devils

I've started doing video demos of new songs. It's lo-fi, of sorts, in that I am simply setting up my iPhone and then playing the songs. It's a quick and easy and entirely raw way to get the new material out there for people to hear and I think it'll be interesting to see how they change over time. Live performances, rehearsals and recording tends to shape a song over time. This is how the songs are today...in my basement.

Of course, you also get to see the inside of The Bunker, where I run this empire. Behold, friends, and prepare for the majesty.

Old Dogs, New Tricks, New Players

Now that we’re good and settled in Portland Mick and I have started to assemble a new version of Riviera. We’ve been meeting with various players over the last two months and had our first run-through with a potential rhythm section last night. It was interesting how different these songs that we’ve been playing for years sound when played without the Joshes and Matt. In one way it’s exciting to hear a new take on these familiar songs but in another it makes me miss those guys even more.