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Fever Crash-paulfleming music has been garnering some airplay in recent weeks. I've been broadcast and have participated in the Mr G Spot at knysnafm 97.0 , broadcast and streaming live, on a weekly basis, from Knysna So Africa. Wayne Greenstone is the "presenter", which is "DJ" in that part of the world. He's playing indie music from around the world and the musicians who make the music convene online every Wed morning from 8a,-11:30am (they had to add 30 minutes due to popular demand). It's a lively get-together with a fun bunch of "musos" and fans both.

Yesterday, (Jan. 2) I was played on Rick Mizuno's "Indies in Motion" program, streaming live from Los Angeles at: www.GVBRadio.com. Rick is presenting an hour of indie music on a weekly basis and has a lively, fun show.

Hope you will check out some of these shows and support the people who support indie music!

Happy New Year, friends! pf Jan.3, 2012

Fever Crash

I'm on a relentless mission to write the perfect 3-minute song. Hope you'll listen in.