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Reggie Miles / Blog

"Who Ripped Off My Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle?"

After hearing the late breaking news about the thieves who stole many thousands of dollars worth of barrels of Kentucky bourbon and bottles of Pappy Van Winkle's Old Rip Van Winkle, the muse tickled me to write my latest... ///

Who Ripped Off My Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / by Reggie Miles 2015 © All rights reserved ///

Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / The last bottle of my Pappy's favorite drink / Who ripped off my ol' Pappy's Old Rip Van Winkle? / Some low down whiskey drinkin' thief, I think /

When I catch who stole that sweet and mellow bourbon bottle / They'll be walkin' real funny after their hide I throttle / Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / The last bottle of my Pappy's favorite drink ///

Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / What kind of a cad would sink so low? / Who ripped off my ol' Pappy's Old Rip Van Winkle? / It's 95.6 proof just how far a man will go /// Gonna get my hounds and track that bourbon bandit down / Then, I'm gonna lay him six feet underground / Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / What kind of a cad would sink so low? ///

Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / I swear I'm gonna make that punk pay / Who ripped off my ol' Pappy's Old Rip Van Winkle? / Ain't no way he's gonna get away ///

Aged 23 years makes it taste so fine / Drive a sober man to drinkin' all the time / Who ripped off my Pappy's Pappy Van Winkle? / I swear I'm gonna make that punk pay ///

Gonna lock his thieving soul away / He's never gonna see the light of day / vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv http://www.cnn.com/…/21/us/kentucky-bourbon-whiskey-arrests/

"She's Trouble" #11 in Country Blues at SoundClick!

I have a few webpages but I often don't find the time to keep them all up to date. My site at SoundClick is one of those that I visit only occasionally but today, I was surprised to find that my song "She's Trouble" is #11 among 3,350 songs in the Country Blues charts there and #74 among 55,199 songs in their Blues chart. That's the top .13% of all Blues posted there and the top .33% of all Country Blues songs. Not bad for a guy who plays a guitar that he made from repurposed recycled junk! http://www.soundclick.com/reggiemiles

Maltby Monthly Bluegrass Jam/Show/Potluck

Received a sweet review after showing up to play a set at the Maltby 1st Saturday Monthly Bluegrass gathering, at the Maltby Grange Hall. This event has been an ongoing happening for about two decades and usually draws a wonderful listening audience of mostly the Bluegrass faithful. My presentations seem about as far from that genre as I can imagine. Yep, I got too much Blues in my Bluegrass. I try to compensate for my lack with my acoustic finger style pickin and bottleneck slidin on my homemade Nobro resophonic, as well as sharing my passion for bowing a hand saw. The Maltby audience's patience, openness, generous nature and supportive spirit enable even my worst puns to find a smile. Here's a sweet comment that I just received... "Hi Reggie, My husband and I were at Maltby and really enjoyed your performance. Love your wit and especially your saw-playing skills. Do you happen to have an album of love songs? My husband loves your music, would love to get him a CD for V-day. Thanks!" (Teri Beard) I liked Teri's idea of creating a recording of love songs. So, I produced another of my "645" discs, by rounding up some of my favorite love songs. I called it, "The Birds and The Bees." I've uploaded five of the six songs from this recording to RN for listeners here to enjoy. Love hugs and kisses, Reg

New Re-releases, just in time for the holidays!

In an attempt to offer my musical endeavors at an affordable price, for those on a budget, I've created a series of recordings, which each contain, 6 songs, my "645" series of releases. They feature my favorite selections from previous recordings. Each of these new CD-Rs are just $5. They make a great gift, and are a great price for the Blues lovers you know and love. Here's a list of my first four releases. NR-022 "Acoustic Roots Blues" ~ My 6 LIVE original Bottleneck Blues from my recording "Bottleneck Blues" - Just $5 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv NR-023 "645 Folk-Blues LIVE" ~ 6 LIVE Folk/Blues for $5, featuring 3 musical saw melodies produced by Phil Erb, 2 original Folk/Blues and an ancient novelty love song favorite of mine, "The Bearded Lady" vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv NR-024 "Seasonal Sawngs" ~ 6 Traditional seasonal carol selections played on a musical saw (from my "Seasonal Sawngs" Saw-D) Just $5 (That's half a sawbuck!) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv NR-025 "New & Used Blues" ~ 6 of my favorites from my recording "51 Highway Blues" Featuring 4 Willie McTell interpretations and two original Bottleneck Blues - Just $5 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Look for more of these in the near future.

Sweet new comment...

I LOVE this quote from Richard Castor, referring to my efforts... "A BLUESMAN, living it and singing about it, all the way down baddass lane."

"A Mother's Love" by Reggie Miles

Just uploaded an impromptu video capture of my tribute to my Mom and Moms everywhere, "A Mother's Love." Captured by Lynn Nash, this video represents the first time that I offered this song in public. Originally written for guitar this video features me offering this song, for the first time, with musical saw accompaniment. Enjoy! Share this with your Mom.

A Mother’s Love by Reggie Miles © 2012 All rights reserved

In the whole wide world round There’s only one that can be found Whose love will never change a bit No matter how far astray I get

Though years may keep us apart No length of time could sway her heart A mother’s love can’t be undone Not even for her wanderin’ one

And so today I take the time To express in words and rhyme And say what’s always been inside Like the double shoelace knot she tied

That my love for you has ever been Strong and true, without end Yes, my love for you has always been Strong and true and without end

Oso Mudslide Blues

I just posted the video to my page at RN

Oso Mudslide Blues By Reggie Miles © 2014 All rights reserved

I’m in downtown Darrington Mud all in my shoes My gal's on the Stillaguamish Got them Oso mudslide blues

And I got nuthin’ left to lose Got them Oso mudslide blues

Hard times here My life's been swept away I’m sittin here prayin For a sunny day

And I’m cryin’ every day My life's been swept away

That clearcut mountain She’s so long and tall The rain it came a callin It made that mudslide fall

And now there’s nuthin left at all It made that mudslide fall

Sittin here moanin This Oso muddy pain Times like these They'll drive a man insane

And it’s a cryin shame 'Bout this Oso muddy pain

I’m in downtown Darrington Mud all in my shoes My gal's on the Stillaguamish Got them Oso mudslide blues

And I got nuthin’ left to lose Got them Oso mudslide blues

New fan comment at Facebook...

Here are a couple of comments that I just received from a new friend at FB, Martin Cayford...

"Hey, Reggie, I've been hearing lots of R&B this summer, at the Mt. Baker Festival in Bellingham, around Snohomish, and on my summer travels. I still haven't found a performer more impressive than you! I love your expression, your fat slide, your saw, your whole schtick. Reggie, you make music wonderful. Thank you. See ya around."


"You blew me out of the water at Brava's, kept me an admirer at the Hawthorne and I keep hearing your music around on recording at the 907 and elsewhere. There's lots of local talent in Snohomish and you're the best I've heard! You friggin' rock!"

Wow! Thank you Martin!!

Festivals and venues I've played

Here's a partial list of festivals and venues that have hosted my musical efforts. Please note, that this list does not include private and public special events.

In Seattle...

A Contemporary Theater, AllegroFest, Brad's Swingside Cafe, Bumbershoot, Cafe Racer, Conor Byrne's Pub, Doc Maynards, Egan's Ballard Jam House, HempFest, Highway 99 Blues Club, Hilbo's, Jokum Fest, Moisture Festival, Murphy's Pub, NW Folklife Festival, Pike Place Market Buskers Festival, Pike Place Market Street Festival, Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack, The Dubliner, The Fiddler's Inn, The Fremont Fair, The Hop Vine, The J&M Cafe, The Latona Pub, The Moore Theater, The Old Peculiar, The Owl & Thistle, The Pike Place Market, The Pioneer Square Fire Festival, The Pioneer Square Tavern, The Salmon Bay Eagles, The Seattle Art Museum, The Snow Train, The Tractor Tavern, The University District Street Fair,

In Everett...

Alligator Soul, The Anchor Pub, Old Strokers, The Ebey Island Freedom Fest, The Everett Public Library Auditorium, The Everett Theater, The Prohibition Grill,

Venues and Festivals throughout WA...

Bob's Keg & Cork - Yakima, Grants Brew Pub - Yakima, Yakima Valley Folk Festival - Yakima, Art In The Park - Monroe, The Acoustic Connection - Monroe, The Oxford Tavern - Snohomish, The Taste of Music - Snohomish, Wired & Unplugged - Snohomish, The Masonic Hall - Port Townsend, Port Townsend Steam Punk Festival - Port Townsend, Sirens - Port Townsend, The Duvall Tavern - Duvall, Pumps & Grinds - Duvall, The Other Side of the Tracks - Auburn, The Heritage Festival - Redmond, The Breadline Cafe - Omak, The Puyallup Fair - Puyallup, The Crossroads - Bellevue, The Conway Muse - Conway, Cafe Pinceau - Mukilteo, Jazz In The Valley - Ellensburg, The Mandolin Cafe - Tacoma, The 1890s - La Conner, The La Conner Music & Art Festival - La Conner, The Index Arts Festival - Index, Tacoma Old Town Blues Festival - Tacoma, The Roslyn Winter Blues Fest - Roslyn, Gold Dust Days - Gold Bar, Sliders Cafe - Carnation, Chalet Arts Theater Showcase - Enumclaw, The Lincoln Theater - Mount Vernon, The Mount Baker Blues Fest - Deming, Suncadia Resort - Cle Elum, Grangestock - North Bend, The First Annual Okanogan County Folk Fest - Chesaw, The Chesaw Tavern,

And beyond ...

Knights of Pythias Hall - Kalispell, MT, Oregon Country Fair - Eugene, OR, Del Mundo Street Theater Festival - Maasmechelen, Belgium, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - New Orleans, LA, The Unusual Musical Instruments Festival - Hinton, WV, The Nine Of Cups - Tulsa, OK

Sorry bout the cancellation!

It really wasn't my fault! I had a signed agreement with the owner to play the show tonight. As it sometimes happens, and thankfully, in my case, it has rarely happened to me in the last three decades, my date to play tonight at The Anchor Pub in Everett, WA was suddenly cancelled by the owner of the venue. Sad that this happened just two days before I was scheduled to be there and sadder still, that I had already spent the time/energy to create and deliver a poster for the event, and post the event to a handful of websites like RN

Instead, a band was invited to cover the evening's entertainment. From what I can determine, via the evidence available, I was actually invited to cover this date before the owner then changed their mind or simply forgot and invited the band that was favored with tonight's date. Yes, overburdened venue owners can and do make mistakes in their decisions regarding bookings and in this case, I believe that I came out on the short end of that process.

Would I book another date at this venue after what just happened? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that for a while. If I did, my decision would definitely come with conditions attached.