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2012 Looking Good!

Hey all, we’re going to be out on the road in full force in 2012! Look for us in WI. TN, KY, IL, GA, SC, MO, and more! Playing some festivals and many show are in the works. Look for new songs, a live recording and video interviews this year. Thanks so much to all who keep up with me and this music we are trying to bring to the world. Hope to see you on the road in 2012! Go to www.domwier.com

"After The Flood" EP out Aug. 23rd, 2011!

Hey all, we'd really love your support for the new Dom Wier EP "After The Flood"! It's out on Aug. 23rd on itunes and just about any other online store out there. Worked really hard on this and will be touring throughout the fall and winter. Go to www.domwier.com and www.facebook.com/domwiermusic to keep up! Peace and see you soon!

Brand New Record Coming! Yes I'm still here

Okay so I've felt like writing something for a little while now. I'm coming out with a new record of 6 songs. We're really close to being done with it. Looking to release it April or May. Yes, I'll be giving out a free track or two or who knows. I want you to have it and tell all your friends. It's sounding really good and I worked with Nick Autry again at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN. We're describing it as Midwestern Rock having a beer with Americana and Country. I've been a solo artist for about 3 years now. I'm glad at this point in my life, I'm still able to do it and there's still some faith in tomorrow. These new songs are the best I've ever recorded. I'm making like three different records in 2011. Look for something acoustic, a live band jam session, some cover songs etc. I'm just putting music out that I like and hope that people respond to it. I can understand why many artist/songwriters get burnt out or life, kids or money issues just happen and then you get caught in the daily cycle, to pay the bills etc. You can start feeling shitty about it but that never gets you anywhere. Motivation and consistency is key, but you don't have much if you don't have some great songs with great delivery and performance. These things usually equal staying power. Or maybe you're just really young, pretty, and have lots of money behind you. Then some entertainment company might also spend some money on you to make a high quality record and expose you to the general public more. I went to a show recently in Nashville of a new band whose members have been in other well known rock bands. These guys are amazingly talented and have had plenty of success....there was twenty people at the show. It's was great for me cause I'm a big fan so I was right up front chilling with them and enjoyed a fantastic show. It left me thinking that it's never been easy to keep playing music when things don't look so great. If guys who have toured the world can still start over and have the fire to build something tangible then so can I. Fame and fortune is a viral youtube video away in 2011. Being respected by your peers, the industry, the music loving public, is a whole different story. For me, I'll keep writing the best songs I can and we'll play shows as long as I'm able to do it. I like that I have paid and continue to pay the dues. It gives me more soul and in a strange way brings about the drive to keep going that is hard to come by sometimes. Hopefully soon the thoughts of "get a real job" will fade away like myspace. I'll be playing shows all throughout 2011 so just check the schedule to find out where we are. Coming soon will be www.domwier.com So yeah, go over to www.youtube.com/domwier and www.facebook.com/domwiermusic in the meantime and be looking out for this record and shows in your town. Cheers, Peace Dom P.S. The new song titles are as follows Worth It Another Night In Nashville Wrong Run To The Dark Oceola You Already Know