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My Thoughts

There is a part of me that wants people to know that in general, I do not like them. People in general are very selfish creatures. This is what turns me off to most people. Our society has led us to believe that we must be cut-throat to succeed in life. This is a success that I have no desire to obtain. Success is a perception based idea. My idea of success and your idea of success are different. People generally tend to take their idea of success and impose it on others. The main imposers are the mainstream media outlets that brainwashes our children everyday. The media is not solely responsible for the blame though. We as parents have an obligation to realize and break the chain that media has. This chain is connected to a sinking ship that will eventually take ALL nations to a dark abyss. This is not anti-American, this is anti-oppression. These issues are everywhere that allows the falsities of the things we now idolize...... Money, Women, Drugs........ Whatever you chooses to succumb to. I am not exempt, I just realize the error in my ways in ways that most people refuse to recognize. What does this all mean? Are these the rantings of a crazy middle aged man having a mid-life crisis? Maybe, but this is not the focus of the words that are coming out of my mind but some will say that I'm out of my mind.


I know I am way behind the power curve when it comes to this but hey, better late than never. Stay tuned for the Friday blog series that I will start. Beginning next Friday12 July 2013