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New Websites online!

Hey people, our new websites are online, please visit us. http://www.georgeanne.de http://www.george-music.de

To all Facebook and Twitter followers!

Hey friends,

we thank you so much for your Facebook likes and Twitter invitations! We really appreciate your support but we do not have Facebook or Twitter so we can not return the favour. Thanks again for listening to our music and keep on rocking! Greetings from Georgeanne

What´s up with the world - The Video is now online!

Hello out there,

please watch out for our brandnew video!

Greetings from Georgeanne

our website

Hello out there,

if you like you can also visit us at our website www.georgeanne.de !

Thanks for supporting us!

Have a good beginning of the new week!


Thanks to our Fans!

Hello to you out there, we`d like to thank you a lot for supporting us so much by listening to our new song "Whats up with the world". Today we want to present another song to you which is about the situation of our world these days, it`s called "Time of two sides". We hope, you`ll like it! Thanks again for your great support! Georgeanne