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☆..Goodbye To A Fantastic Year..☆

"..It has been quite a good year..We have found a new studio - where we can compose Our music without disturbing anyone or get disturbed..! Been counting 14 new tracks - which we haven't finished yet..So 2013 shall be the year..we work hard and focused - to finishing all these awesome tracks..And in a few days - the first track will be ready for Your ears..We are looking so much forward to present all these new tracks for You - with different sounds..styles..genres.. So please - Stay tuned..We are working Our a*** off.."

☆..A New Year - New Tracks..☆

"..With other and new musicprojects..there hasn't been much time - for ☆All About Assy☆..Even though - We have been creative through the summer and fall..and Our brand new tracks - with a new harder houseinspired touch - will soon be released..We hope You all will stay tuned..Happy New Year.."

☆..Wet Summertime..☆

"..Been having kind of a loooooong musicbreak..Well needed..!!! Cos We are back with new energy - creativity - refreshed and ready for making music..! An elderly track [in Danish] was just not sounding right..so We've been remixing the track with new lyrics [in English] and new vocals..! The lyrics are quite serious and deep - We think - about this man..who has an painful addiction to drugs..The powerful housebeat makes the lyrics edible - We think - so the song doesn't sounds too dark..! The Danish summer suits Us well..cos all the rain - makes it so much easier to work in the studio..when the sun isn't around to tempt Us - with fishingtrips or a swim in the ocean..Our SummerMusic is on its way.."

☆..The Smell Of Snow..☆

"..Winter has shown it's face..and even a better reason..for staying indoors - composing new tracks..The computer continues to give Us problems..but luckily we're still capable to create music - Ipod has been a good way to recording great ideas..and given Us a different "vocal-approaches" and soundstyle..Hopefully soon - we'll be able to release - some of Our new ideas as tracks..if the PC wants.."

☆..Entering The Fall..☆

"..Been enjoying the Summer..With some Live Performances..Otherwise We have been keeping a low Profile..cause Our Computer has given Us - plenty of Trouble..Still trying to fix the damn Thing..and transfering Our Files safely to another PC..hmm..We hope - that soon - We'll be able to make Music..and not "just performing"..We do have a strong Urge to be creative.."

☆..The Sound Of Summer..☆

"..Still Being Busy With Creating New Tracks..But Also Working With Old Tracks - By Giving Them A Makeover..We Are Looking Forward..To Present You - For Some Of Our New Songs And Styles..And Hopefully Very Soon..Do Have A FANtastic Summer - All Of You.."

☆..Enjoying The Sound Of Spring..☆

"..Almost all weekends are dedicated Music..We haven't been this creative..for some time..We are composing new songs (demos)..every time We go in the studio..Thanks to All You dearest fans..We have been recieving so much inspiration..and Your comments gives Us..some good guidelines..to Our new songs and sounds..We'll continueing Our creative process..and leave the results - up to You.."

☆..Time For Acoustic..☆

"..Been to long..since We've been working with Our acoustic music..And five songs are on the "paper"..ready to go through Logic & Scope..a make-over..Maybe this upcoming weekend there'll be time.."

☆..Living And Loving Life..☆

"..Monday..A cold cloudy day..Perfect for sitting by the laptop..and clean out..old (useless) tracks containing different kind of errors..which means - We can't use the tracks..Also perfect day for renaming the tracks..Been trying to rename them with clues..about the song contest..the genre..the sound..the groove..It took for ever..going through so many tracks..and many is still to be done..But that is also a part of the process..being creative and developing as musicians and humans..Monday came..and Monday left.."

☆..Once Again..A Creative Weekend..☆

"..been rehearsing..for next weekend's event..Hard but inlightning work..such as re-bouncing all tracks..as Live-Performance songfiles..listening to every little sound -sample - vocal..making sure the tracks are (almost) perfect..(We are only humans..;-) Not to get bored and irritated with the work..we made a new beat..AWESOME..and as one more new approch..Sysser is singing..Janis Joplin's.."Mercedes Benz"..to the beat..Counting on - a demo is ready to be released pretty soon..Looking forward to present it for You..! _We wish You All..a fantastic week.."