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insomnia sessions part 2

[08] no morning my 'I hate rap' song. written after I was thrown out of a bar (that wants to be a club... fuck you Central Wave) for being drunk and pissed off that the same exact songs were being played over and over again by a local piece of shit DJ. if you are sick of the way the mainstream is taking 'rap' away from it's hip hop roots, you will love this song. if you are a fan of anyone with 'lil' in their rap name, you will be offended.

[09] selfish or self destructive probably my favorite eyenine song yet. i wont go into too much detail on this one, but expect nothing you've ever heard before. very story driven. this is what happens when two brothers put their heads together and make a song.

[10] deteriorating if you ever picked up the split CD I did with The If In Life (the newest addition to Flyrock, super pumped about that) or have been to a show of mine in the past year and a half, then you know this song. most likely you can spell it as fast as I do by now. no description needed.

[11] oxygen auction another lost favorite of mine. this song was originally intended to be on a release AFTER 'afraid to dream' titled 'the dementia project' which never got off the ground. again, if you've been to any show of mine in the past few years, you've heard me do this song live before. it was also a regular on my myspace playlist for the longest time. this beat as well as deteriorating are from dynamo414.

[12] out of context five and a half minute epic song. if you've ever heard 'caught' off of 'afraid to dream' then you will appreciate the last verse of this song. very dark in nature with a pounding beat that reminds me of the beginning of 'Lycanthropy' by Fear Before.

[13] played out the outro of the CD, a thank you list and a deeper look at what the CD was actually about as a whole. maybe some surprises as well, you'll have to hear it and find out.

So there you have it. Thirteen songs about losing something important, and not just sleep.

It is in stores now, with more stores being added all September. You can also pick it up directly from me at any show, I will make sure to have at least a few dozen on me at all times just in case.

- michael

Insomnia sessions - part 1

It's been about four and a half years since I started working on the full length 'afraid to dream'.

Thousands of hours later, and two guest appearances from Eyedea and Mac Lethal from Rhymesayers Entertainment, I finally have a full length being released.

Oddly enough, it isn't the newly finished 'afraid to dream'. For one reason or another, I still hold on to that. I don't feel that it is ready to be released.

What I do have however, is a full length I've been planning since the beginning of '09. With record speeds on my part, partnered with Flyrock Records, we have successfully recorded a thirteen track full length under the name of 'the insomnia sessions'.

As far as subject matter, it is sort of the sequel to 'afraid to dream', with a few parallels being made between songs on both albums, but I feel it is a better place to start my story through music.

'the insomnia sessions' will be my first full length release, and I think it is the best way I could go about this.

As far as tracks go, I'll give a quick rundown.

[01] wasted wasted was written in one of the many sleepless nights where I had to force an energy drink down just to make the long drive home. suprisingly it was written in one sitting, at an ungodly hour of the night right before finally falling asleep. the beat itself, made by teofeo reminds me of Rocky, which is perfect for an intro to a CD.

[02] typewriter one of my favorite songs on the album. written in a car ride to work with the beat made by matt gilbert and yours truly. it talks about wishing for the absence of daily inconveniences in order to spend time writing and creating.

[03] clothes removed the song that really started the album project going. recorded with the wize crackaz in their studio with a live bass and drum track from the band members. the first song that really describes what this CD is about in it's lyrics. [04] arachnophobia very sarcastic and comical song about how much the other aspects of my life have suffered as a result of making music. guest vocals by my musical partner in crime, Steve Kelley (who also sings on 'afraid to dream')

[05] beautiful day old school beat, old school flow. short, sweet and to the point. hip hop heads will most likely love this song, but hate how short it is.

[06] photoshoplifting very interesting beat with lyrics about how easy it is to manipulate beauty using adobe photoshop. i hope you're paying attention Maxim.

[07] gary part III w/ Nobody Cares a Human Speakers jam. shameless promotion for a release due out early 2010, also the only collaboration with another rapper on this entire CD. written off of each other, and worked on in person. you will definitely hear that we were on the same page with this. beat made by buckingham duckworth.