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House of Blues Chicago

Last night's concert at the House of Blues here in Chicago was exhilarating! It was our warm-up show for this leg of the new tour and the house was full of true fans. They should us so much love and appreciation, I hope they felt it right back from every one of us on stage. The Parrothead Nation strikes again. Thank You

Sunday Sunday

Another beautiful Fall Sunday in the Atl. Sitting in my kitchen, coffee in hand, watching my sweetheart through the window as he works on our new patio. Smiling and feeling happy and spoiled. Tonight I am cooking dinner for the band and we are having a meeting to discuss our next show and next step. I am very blessed.

My Magnificent Band

Outside Art has been rehearsing everyday for 10:00am to 5:00pm and the band sounds so good! I am very excited about our upcoming shows! Oh and did I mention that the background singers are sangin' their butts off? Kipper Jones, one of the most soulful singers God ever made. Rahkell Yahvah my God daughter and protege who now tours with Erykah Badu, and Quiana my niece who recently relocated to Georgia from S.C. and has the voice of an angel.

Today was a very good day and I am very grateful!

Home Sweet Home

Paris is a beautiful city but nothing compares to home. It feels so good to be here amongst my own things with my family. It was raining when I arrived which was definitely needed and welcome. This morning breakfast was brought to me in my own bed. Beats room service anytime. :)

I am waiting to hear from the rest of the band and singers regarding rehearsal tonight. Time to focus of October's gigs starting with Atlanta Pride on the 9th.


I think bloggin is a cool thing and I wonder if I can keep one going. Not to mention keep it interesting. Think I would like to try...well here goes :)

Today I am in Paris with JB and the Coral Reefer Band. The weather is perfect and I think I will be able to get to sleep early enough to make it to the Bar-b-que tomw. yes there is a Bar-B-Que in Paris. Go figure.

New Orleans Jazz Fest!

It's only 8 days away am I nervous or excited? Absolutely!

Ready for Pride

Rehearsals went very well. We are ready for Atlanta Pride on the 31st!