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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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...She's got uh trans-dimensional boombox, baybeh... She found uh spot on it's dial, So vulgar 'n' vile... ¡She got uh CANNIBALLISTIC JUKEBOX, m'maah! 'Gonna substitute her glitz fer guile...

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010 ¡FREE DOWNLOAD, PART TWO: ¡AMERICAN TOREADOR! Current mood: amorous In even GREATER anticipation of the Autumn release of ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, Honky Gabacho and The Jugband Cannibala present the second installment of their savage catalog, August 2007's ¡American Toreador!, featuring the original "Rollinsford Cave"-recorded versions of "LXXI" and "Boca Sovacos," along with the opening/ title track and "I Got Aces," both slated to appear on ¡NO ROTATION! as well.

As with Johnny Got His Axe, this is available via Bandcamp through the link http://honkygabacho.bandcamp.com/album/american-toreador , and is also FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

So snuggle up to your speakers, push play, and let us get cozy witcha...

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Current mood: accomplished In anticipation of the Autumn release of the singles compilation, ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, Honky and the Jugband are offering a free download of their RPM Challenge debut album, 2007's JOHNNY GOT HIS AXE, through Bandcamp http://honkygabacho.bandcamp.com/album/jonny-got-his-axe .

Also, we are still accepting no obligation preorder requests on Facebook and HERE, at honkygabacho.com

¡Over and Out! Sir Loudengreasey, Esq http://honkygabacho.bandcamp.com/album/jonny-got-his-axe Currently listening: Legends of Benin By Various Artists

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Current mood: adventurous ¡After much ado, Honky Gabacho and the Jugband Cannibala are set to release the singles collection/ least-worst-of compilation ¡NO ROTATION!: THE BIRTH OF HERMIT-ROCK this autumn, 2010 Anno Domini!

The album will feature cuts from The Jugband Cannibala's first three L.P.'s [ Johnny Got His Axe [RPM Challenge 2007]; American Toreador [2007]; ¡The Jugband Cannibala Take a Bride! [RPM Challenge 2008]... for the record...], along with an extra bonus instrumental recorded last autumn entitled "Pelvic Restriction."

Honky and the Jugband are currently taking no-obligation preorder requests here at honkygabacho.com, honkygabacho71@gmail.com, and on Andy Klosenski's Facebook page. Copies of the album will be available for $10 each.

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¡RPM Challenge 2010: Honky Gabacho's "Solo Flight"

Saturday, January 30, 2010 Strains of out-of-tune guitars are in the air, darting, fluttering and swirling about your speakers' stereo-field... ...the pulse of pounding, clanging Perscussive Clamour is jostling our equilibriums to a state of joyful confusion... ...the acrid breath of a growling choir of Honky Gabacho's pulls at our chests and blows our hair back in tufts, while each of those overdubbed mouths, at once cooing, condemning and cajoling, nibbles at our lips and earlobes... The RPM Challenge is upon us once again, and this time, Honky and "the boys" will not be caught flat-footed as they were last year, when they quickly abandoned The Challenge due to the semantic difficulties of writing and recording whilst packing, organizing, and funding a 3000-mile trip back to the east coast. However, as the Jugband have been entrenched in the completion [and eventual release of] ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, along with ¡The Jugband Cannibala TAKE A BRIDE! [and, so we're told, basic intrumental tracks for yet another project...], Honky Gabacho will be "going solo" for this Challenge. Honky will be tackling the as-yet-unrecorded compositions that will comprise THE CAUCASIAN ALBUM. As of this writing, he has over a dozen songs that are ready to record; scraps of others that will be tossed-around during the process; and, as recording/overdubbing is in fact one of Honky's favorite ways to compose, at least one wild-card, dark-horse candidate that could materialize at any time during the process. By late August of the same year, a mere six months later, their second album, American Toreador, was completed... and just in time. Immediately after the completion of that album, Honky and his Gaggle of Sonic Pranksters relocated to the warm, sunny suburban culture-vacuum of Southern California's Rancho Cucamonga. While living, working and rehearsing in "SoCal" [with the occasional visit to "L.A. proper"], the Jugband took up The Challenge once again in February of 2008, recording the album ¡The Jugband Cannibala TAKE A BRIDE! which, while long enough to satisfy the requirements of RPM, was considered by the band to be "incomplete," and therefore given the title "¡...Court a Bride!" instead. Since then, Honky Gabacho has been playing solo gigs in the Northern New England area, and his Jugband Cannibala have been putting the "finishing touches" on what was the semi-official calling card of The JBC during their SoCal sojourn of "shopping around" their peculiar evolutionary anachronism of progressive-Caveman-boogie Rock: A strangely catchy little "singles collection" called ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock, which, as of this writing, is due for an "official"release in Spring, 2010. They've also been putting ¡...TAKE A BRIDE! to bed finally, and have even begun an almost-jazzy, avant-funk project, called either "Pattern No-Pattern," "Drunkard's Strut," "Chaos Funk" or "¡Strange Attractor!" depending on which member you ask... As for Honky... well... you'll find out about him soon enough... ...Like March 1st... Keep Yer Ear to the Ground Till You Hear the Throb, Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

¡HERMIT-ROCK!: The Perpetual Rough Draft

Thursday, November 19, 2009 ¡HERMIT-ROCK!: The Perpetual Rough-Draft Current mood: contemplative PREFACE I understand the pitfalls of "the manifesto" as an artistic "rallying-cry" all too well, from the glaring histoical examples of these hopelessly-dated, self-limiting and otherwise ego-stroking tomes. That said, this is ours ;) Well, sorta. This is a "rough-draft"-type version, which is stylistically somewhere between the realms of pedantics-that-border-on-super-vague-mumbo-jumbo and the easy, Rolling Stone-meets-Weekly Reader version that needs to be concise, exciting and, as much as is possible [both aesthetically and personally on our end], accessable. Pretty much where we're used to being. I guess if you want to get "meta-cognitive" about it, or to view the over-arching essence of this piece as it relates to the art it attempts to describe, the style/form of it sums us up pretty perfectly. We are a group that still has an unspeakably large amount of evolutionary/experiencial terrain to traverse, and are just now undertaking the aggressive pursuit of that in a sustained way. I guess I just thought that the summary should have a few more "hooks", or catch-phrases, with more humor, and more sprawl, but still in a concise, "hit-it-'n'-quit-it" form. I also wanted it to have more "fire-'n'-brimstone," "mumbo-pocus/hokus-jumbo" etc. So I'm just gonna call it a "perpetual rough draft," because really, that's what creation, on both the large [manifesto] and small [song] scales, is all about. You're always revising, recycling [what I like to call "cannibalism", or, in especially egregious cases, "incestuous cannibalism", where you reuse ideas from ideas from ideas...]. This is our first real attempt at [intentional] niche marketing. Here goes... Honky Gabacho and The Jugband Cannibala are a "septet" specializing in recording the compositions of Andy Klosenski, in a style of music called "¡HERMIT-ROCK!" "¡HERMIT-ROCK!" is a blend of raw, old-style BLUES sounds [Lightnin' Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, or very old [pre-1954] John Lee Hooker]; the textures, tonalities, rhythms and other stylistic "quirks" of AVANT-GARDE 1) Classical[Igor Stravinsky, Edgard Varese, Conlon Nancarrow] and 2) Jazz [Eric Dolphy, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus]; and the integration of the otherwise-specialized forms of rock [hard/ metal/ classic/ pop] into a continually-evolving, "rag-and-bone"-patchwork of lyrical, musical and conceptual motifs. It is intentionally esoteric in its scope in the way hermetic sciences and practices often are, and is meant to be both a sprawling, rough-and-raw/"charmingly unkempt" tableaux of a mind influenced by a great-many sources [do in large part, no doubt, to the 21st century information influx], as well as a somewhat-metacognitive, self-referential/"cannibalistic" way, both to show the evolution of "the idea" and to further the pursuit of acquiring and implementing knowledge/influences/concepts in an exciting ["goosebumps/pelvic-thrusts"], enlightening ["¡EUREKA!"], and relatively-informal way :) ROCK 'N' ROLL INFLUENZES [Primary only]: Queen [pre-"Hot Space"] Black Sabbath [sorry, OZZY-lead only!] Parliament/Funkadelic Michael Jackson [Motown; then, from "Destiny" through "Bad"] Metallica [no later than "Black Album"] The Beatles [¡Duh!] Bob Dylan The Misfits [Danzig-era] Little Richard

¿Is There Anything More "Rock 'n' Roll" than Being Born on Halloween?

Saturday, October 31, 2009 ¿Is there Anything More "Rock 'n' Roll" than being Born on Halloween? Current mood: aroused ¿Is there anything more Rock 'n' Roll than being born on Halloween?

I've been wracking my brain, and all I can come up with is being born on Halloween with a Gibson SG for an extra limb/ conjoined twin, with an umbilical cord extending out to a placenta that's not a placenta at all, but a Marshall [Plexi-era] amplifier [at least the head... I don't expect an average adult woman to be able to pass a 4X10 cab of Greenbacks through her pelvis. That would be unreasonable :o]...

¡Over and Out! Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

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¡The Jugband Cannibala Are Putting YOU on "Pelvic Restriction"!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 ¡The Jugband Cannibala Are Putting YOU on "PELVIC RESTRICTION"! Current mood: flirty Honky Gabacho and The Jugband Cannibala had an unusually quiet week last week... well, at least to anyone that was not within the four walls of "The Cave" in the backwoods of Maine, listening to take after take of thump-'n'-bump basslines, sweaty percussion and growling guitars the boys were putting down in an instrumental grind called "Pelvic Restriction." It is the first new original that they've committed to record in over a year, and Honky even took a week off from his usually-hectic live schedule to lend some out-of-phase lead guitars. There was not time enough for him to finish composing lyrics and committing a satisfactory vocal, but he tells us it's in the works, and as soon as other commitments are met, he will revisit the tune "bringing in HEAT, son...!"

Compiling, remixing, packaging and promoting/ releasing the Jugband Cannibala's ¡NO ROTATION!: The Birth of Hermit-Rock remains a top priority of those aforementioned commitments, along with learning new cover songs, landing more shows [possibly on a multi-act bill], working full-time and promoting, promoting, promoting... Which still doesn't even bring into consideration the composition and recording of new originals for his upcoming solo project, titled HONKY GABACHO: The Caucasian Album, which, Honky tells us, will be released sometime late spring/ early summer 2010.

Also in the works is the slow [but inevitable] completion and "official" release of the Jugband Cannibala's third/ California/ lost album, ¡The Jugband Cannibala TAKE A BRIDE!. Since "the boys" have only played together sporadically over the past year, they have each had to come into the studio seperately, as schedules permitted, to contribute and perfect parts of pieces that are mixed-down afterward, causing the long, tedious process of committing the sounds. The album also features some rather "avant-garde" soundscapes that have taken longer to perfect, but should be quite a treat to adventurous ears in the coming months...

¡NO ROTATION! will itself feature the ¡...TAKE A BRIDE! alumni "Crawling On My Belly," "I Was a Teenage Exorcism" and "Kill, Murder 'n' Mame."

As for this week, the hermit-dance-crazed "Pelvic Restriction" is where it's at for Honky and the boys, along with some final re-mixes [for ¡NO ROTATION!] of "I Got Aces" and "American Toreador," both of which originally appeared on the American Toreador LP of late 2007. All of the above can be heard on their MySpace profile page.

Keep Yer Ear to the Ground till You Hear the Throb, Sir Loudengreasey, Esq. Currently listening: Expensive Shit/He Miss Road By Fela Kuti

¡HONKY GABACHO, SYNDICATE 19, and 500 Laser Beams Can't Go Wrong!

¡HONKY GABACHO, SYNDICATE 19, and 500 Laser Beams Can't Go Wrong! Current mood: rejuvenated Honky Gabacho and Syndicate 19 were givin' it to the patrons of Post Road Tavern in their earholes this Saturday night, and, of course, their advances were wantonly accepted. The crowd in the small bar whooped, hollered and danced in fits of "Non-Clear Channel/MUZAK"-induced soundlust [really, could you imagine turning your radio dial to WHEB or WCYY and hearing "Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams"?], as Honky chopped, popped, slapped and wailed through his set and Syndicate 19 scorched through two sets and an extended encore, playing crowd-favorite covers ["Black Betty";"Closer"; "Sober"] and excellent originals ["Don't Wait"; "Ready"; "OBC"]. Honky Gabacho's set list was as follows: "Killing Floor" "Pride 'n' Joy" "I Want You Back" "I Second That Emotion" "Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams" "Fat-Bottomed Girls" "Let Me Love You" "Hard To Handle" "That's All I Need" "I'm Your Nasty Shadow" "Boca Sovacos"

It was another night chalked-up in the "success" column for Honky Gabacho and Syndicate 19 [aren't they all, though?], and hopefully not the last we'll be seeing of them on the same bill in the not-too-distant future. If you missed this incendiary Honky Gabacho set, you can see the abbreviated/abridged version this Monday, September 28, at 9pm at "¡THE HONKY GABACHO OPEN MIC EXTRAVAGANZA!" at Brewery Lane Tavern in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, along with Travis Hosey, KUATO, and... well... YOU, if you're a Seacoast musician with the night off on a Monday... And/or whoever else arrives in time to "make the list", which, by this one writer's humble estimation, will become prime real estate for local musicians in the coming months!

Until We Meat Again, Over and Out, Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

¡"JAM FEVER" Claims the Life of Honky Gabacho!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 ¡"JAM FEVER" Claims the Life of HONKY GABACHO ["Boogie-Woogie Virus" part two]! "¿Why", you might ask, "is this psychopath with a keyboard and internet access telling me all of this 'JAM FEVER' nonsense? What does it all have to do with me, and my comfortable, insulated, quiet New England existence this beautiful autumn day September 29, 2009 Anno Domini?"

Because, quite frankly, the scourge has reached your front door, and I write of this today not as a warning against it, but as a death knell of boogie-less Monday nights in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You will catch the fever, and it will purge you. ¡THE HONKY GABACHO OPEN MIC EXTRAVAGANZA! of September 28, 2009, was not just "one for the history books". It was one for the Religious tomes.

HONKY GABACHO started it off with a brief-but-electrifying set, followed once again by TRAVIS HOSEY'S dynamic and multifaceted folk-rock originals. JEB was back again, as was JOHN, performing as JIBBAH AND THE ILLUSTRIOUS BONE, combining some of JEB's originals and a rousing finale of the Robert Johnson classic "Crossroads", as played by Cream, which featured a fantastically unorthodox break for an audience-participation "drum solo". Hands and thighs were clapped and tables were pounded and slapped by bar patrons for about twelve bars of the song, during which JEB and BONE all but stopped playing entirely. The audience was credited at the end of the song for their impromptu "drum solo" as "the GINGER BAKERS." The climax of the night, however, was the set by KUATO, replete with a spinning-kaliedoscope-light-in-front-of-the-bass-drum. They played seven funky, crunching, whirlwind originals with stop-on-a-dime changes at searing volumes which shook the tables, rumbled the guts, fried the brains and were probably totally unfit for any sentient being to endure under any but the most favorable circumstances... ..Last night was by far the most favorable circumstances of their young careers.

They played two encores, and the small crowd still shouted for more as they were breaking-down their equipment from the middle of the Brewery Lane Tavern's dining room floor...

The last act of the night was the HOSEY & HONKY SWEET-BOY PIN-UP REVUE, who took the stage just after midnight and didn't leave it until nearly one a.m. They jammed out on some of Honky Gabacho's JUGBAND CANNIBALA-originals: "Lonesome Electric Robert Pete Williams" and "Boca Sovacos", which segued-in from the [marvelously TRAVIS- sung] cover of Bob Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee". They also tackled HOSEY'S "Waffles", along with Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and Smoky Robinson's "I Second That Emotion".

By the end of the night, full-blown "JAM FEVER" had claimed the hearts, minds, groove-thangs, baby-makers and bad selves dozens of unsuspecting patrons of Brewery Lane Tavern, the life/Chi/Cosmic Center of HONKY GABACHO, and from the looks of things, will not be losing momentum any time in the near, or even distant, future. So come on down next Monday night at 9pm and catch "THE RAGIN' CONTAGION" fer yer own fine selves...

The first symptom will foot-tapping/ head-bobbing...

The next symptom is sock-rocking.

¡Take To Yer Trees, There's No Escape! Sir Loudengreasey, Esq.

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