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Rioting at RodeoDiscos

So thought it was time for an update of what's going on as we haven't had time to post anything yet! As you know we recorded a few live songs a few weeks back in North London at the Cowshed. We only did these for a bit of fun but we've had such a great reaction to it that we've decided to release it as an EP "Riot at the RodeoDisco". You can pick up a free copy from us at a gig or is you want to order a copy online you will be able to buy them through Paypal from the New Year for a bargain £1.50 (which is really just to cover the postage). We're really pleased with how it sounds and can't wait to get out there and play these songs live to y'all! Which brings us to our first proper gig tonight at the Good Ship in Kilburn. We're on at about 9.30pm and we are playing with some great bands. There's DJs till 4am so come and have a few Chrimbo drinks with us and wreck some Indie Rockabilly havoc! If you can't make it tonight we've also been booked to play some really cool club nights next year which we are really excited about and hope to see you all at some of those. Apart from that we've got the whole Sawmills recording happening early in January and we're all crazy excited to go there for the week and just lock ourselves into our indie rockabilly world and see what comes out!! Sawmills is an amazing studio which Muse used to record their first 3 albums and it's where Oasis recorded Definitely Maybe. It's on it's own private island (check us out!!) and we have to get there by boat so that's gonna be interesting if the current snowy weather holds on for a few more weeks!!! Also special big thanks to a few people who've been helping us, especially Sean Roper who's been sorting out all our artwork and press and making us look as professional as we can ;), Emma Vo, Ben Pipe and Jeff @ Shaadi.com for their Photo wizardry and Paula Wallace for lending her tambo skills at the Cowshed! Big love Burning Condors xx