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Gestures In The Dark

I have a new music video called "Gestures In The Dark." It was originally a preview of a poetry video I was working on. It contains scenic images set to classical music. I ended up deciding to scrap my poetry video project because I didn't much like the version with the poetry added.

Music Video

I created a music video for my solo piano piece, "Never Again". Most of the photos I used in that video are posted on my ReverbNation page.

Never Again

"Never Again" and "Generic Ethnic Music in G Minor" are original solo piano pieces recorded on March 3, 2013 by Curtis Grubb (Grubb Inc. Recording & Productions) after a Travelling Mercies' "Motel" recording session. The performances are a bit sloppy but they're the only recordings I have of any of my songs.

Jamming with Jan

The songs on this page are from jam sessions with guitarist Jan Jewell, recorded in May-June 2011. They were originally posted on his Subdued Blue page.