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Warming up...

Warm up with some hot chili at Riveras in Libertyville!

Harvest Twist on an Old Classic.

I love classic Tiramisu. My favorite made by Mrs. DiMaso. Emerald at Italian Kitchen has put an interesting twist on this scumptuous dessert. She has added pumpkin spiced with nutmeg, cinnimon, and more to the filling, soaked the lady fingers in Chai Tea and spiced rum, and then garnished with cranberries and walnuts. It's a wonderful treat. Try it...


Went to lunch with Dad yesterday at Italian Kitchen. He had a hamburger at an Italian restaurant. I was a bit shocked... After having a bite, I had second thoughts. It was great with that right off the grill char-taste! I'll have to have one of my own sometime soon. You should, too!!!

Tuna Basilico

Tuna Basilico was a special at Italian Kitchen last Thursday. Big meaty chunks of tuna with tomato, garlic, basil and balsamic served over whole wheat pasta. I had a side of spicy corn that was fantastic! Visit us Thursdays at Italian Kitchen and see what's so special about this family owned restaurant.

Stuffed Chicken:D

Chicken Fontanel: chicken fillet rolled with prosciutto and stuffed with a creamy combination of ricotta and fontanel cheese with fresh spinach! Plus an added slice of crispy/salty prosciutto wrapped around the chicken and served with a vodka cream sauce. Great special last night only at Italian Kitchen!!!

Dinner with the Texas Cousins.

Had a nice dinner with Carl, Brenda, Lou at Italian Kitchen yesterday. They were in from Texas for a funeral. funny story to go with that, but you have to actually talk to me to hear it:p My folks, Barb, and Mariette joined the 4 Jacobs for pizza, salad, alligator bites and more!

Italian Kitchen is special:p

I ate with Steven last night. We shared Baked Polenta with Gorgonzola served over Marinara Sauce. I thought it was great. Steven didn't care for the cheese. I also tried special I hadn't seen before, Rissoto Di Bosco. It was made with long grain wild rice that made a nice earthy texture. Mushrooms, brocolli, sun dried tomatos and, of course, garlic made this a very tasty dish.

Brunch... mmm...

Had brunch at Aleks Sunday. Enjoyed some wallfes with strawberries. Mmm...

Great new soup:p

John added a new soup to the great line-up of home made treats at Italian Kitchen. The Corn Chowder was extremely tasty with just the right combination of corn kernels, black pepper, spices and crispy bacon in a creamy, but not too thick chowder. Mmm... I hope it becomes a regular!


Last Thursday at Italian Kitchen was extremely busy. After the gig, I sat with Greg and Sonja to relax. John, the owner, came over with some home made liqueur. I'm not a drinker, but this stuff was good. Kind of like a frozen lemon dreamsicle. Very tasty treat to top off the night!