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Boston treats:P

Eating in Boston is such a treat. No matter how good the seafood in Chicago is, its never as fresh as when you get it at the source. Had some amazing clam strips from Legal Seafood. Light cornmeal crust and tender as can be. Also enjoyed a tuna steak sandwich marinaded in ginger, soy and scallions with a wasabi aeoli from 5 Napkin Burger. The trip was great, but the city has changed so much since I was there back in the 80s;0)

Date Night with Lisa!

It doesn't happen often that Lisa and I are free and the kids are busy. Last Friday was the acception. We enjoyed a tasty meal at Italian Kitchen. I had a little business to take care of, too;0) John had an amazing special of Octopus in a light curry sauce. The octopus had that smokey grilled taste. The curry was yellow and oh so tasty. Both were set off nicely with bitter radiccio and sweet plum tomatoes.

More Hot Chocolate!

Lisa and Andy enjoyed the hot hocolate at Joplin's Java during the jam. This time it had carmel and lotsa whipped cream;0)

Just thinkin'...

about waffles with strawberries from Aleks' jazz brunch yesterday. Now I have to go work out:/

Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Mmm... It's cold out and I was at Joplin's Java for the jam last night. The special on the board was Mexican Hot Chocolate. Brendan made me a treat that was chocolatey and rich with a touch of cayenne and cinnamon, then topped of with plenty of whipped cream:P

Special at Italian Kitchen

Pappardelle Bolognese: ribbon noodles tossed w/tomato meat sauce and beef tenderloin morsels was one of many specials to be found at Italian Kitchen:0)

Return of a favorite!

Went to El Ranchito Michiacano in Waukegan last night with Lisa and Andy. They closed down about 4 years ago, much to my distress. They've returned after several other joints didn't make it in the same building. The food was better than ever and the original owners are back! Yea!!!

Dinner at home...

I was actually home tonight and made burgers, tomato salad plus grilled some hot peppers for Andy. Tomorrow, I think I'll make some chili for the games on Sunday;0)

Lunch with Steven

Steven finished finals today. As a senior in HS, this was his last set. He wanted to go to Saluto's in Gurnee to celebrate and because he was "extremely hungry." We had his favorite there, BLT pizza. Crispy bacon atop an excellent butter crust, with melty cheese, then topped with mayo, cold lettuce and tomato. Quite good, but not very healthy;0)

After Date Night gig...

Enjoyed Scallops Matriciana at Italian Kitchen last night after my gig. The scallops grilled and tender. A sauce made from chopped tomatoes, smoked bacon, fresh rosemary, olive oil, parmisan cheese and a touch of red pepper was served over sauted spinach. Mmm...