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Garlic Soup!

Last Saturday, I went out to visit King's Landing after lessons. Tamala suggested the soup of the day. It was a Garlic Mushroom Barley Soup. As it was chilly and wet out, that's what I had. Garlic was key to this wonderful and hearty feast with lots of filling barley and mushroom. I adore garlic and this dish left me very little room for the tasty sandwich I ordered. I brought the King home and had it for dinner;0)

Grilled Scallops!

Scallops grill with a beautiful sear on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside served over Forbidden Island Black Rice. Hearty and flavorful with a light lemon cream sauce was on my plate last night at Italian Kitchen. I hadd a crispy salad with Italian Dressing and fresh blue cheese crumbles, too.

Fish of the Day...

Corvina (hearty fish) was on special at Italian Kitchen tonight. I had it last week. Pan fried in lemon served with caramelized onions and sweet gradpe tomatoes topped with fresh cilantro. YUM!!!

Fish Tacos at Bodega!

I don't know what kind of fish was in the tacos, but it was meaty and firm and tasty! Crunchy lettuce and cold tomatoes and fresh cilantro and lemon topped off with at smoky spicy salsa made for a delightful end to a great gig. Bill C said that the salmon sandwich was delicious and Bill Z really enjoyed the tenderloin sandwich with grilled onions and blue cheese. We'll be back each Friday in March!

Gooeey Goodness.

Enjoyed French Onion Soup after our Saturday night gig at King's Landing. The onions were sweet and tender, the broth had just the right amount of salt with a nice slice of French bread in the center and to top it off, the baked swiss was chewy and gooey! This month, the trio is playing on all Saturdays except the 16th...

Bodega has killer small plates!

Actually, the small plates apretty big and very good. The calamari was lightly battered and fried to a tender goodness served with a slightly spicy chipoltle? dipping sauce. The steak quesadilla had tender slices of beef with that fresh grilled taste. The cheese was warm and gooey. Served with sourcream, fresh salsa and tastey guacamoli! Service was great and so was the gig!

Risotto done right!

Johnnie at Italian Kitchen prepared Mushroom Truffle Risotto last night. Although risotto is on the menu this was a special creation just for the Thursday night jazz patrons. The hearty texture was just right with big slices of mini porcini, sweet onion and minced garlic. It was full of creamy goodness and topped with parmesan grated fresh at the table by our waiter, Danny.

501 Burger!

Great 1/2 lb Burger at King's Landing last night after the Xmas Party. Hot and juicy with that wonderful smokey-char taste topped with cheddar cheese and fried onions. Fresh made crispy chips, too. At lunch, they're only $5.01 when you by a drink. Great deal and tastey;0)

Last Thursday!

Chicken Carchofi at Italian Kitchen after the gig. Artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, lemon and lots a garlic made for an amazing meal with Lisa and Andy!

Shrimp Basilico

at Italian Kitchen last night after a nice gig. Shrimp were large and meaty sauted in garlic, fresh basil and tomatoe and a touch of olive oil;0) Tasty sauce was served over black pepper infused fettuccine made in-house by John! Nice and chewy with just lots of the pepper bite that is one of my favorites!