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Landing a gig...

Went out to King's Landing in Fox Lake per Mike Louie's suggestion and enjoyed lunch with Steven. He had a great burger with sharp cheddar cheese on sourdough bread. It had that char-grilled taste that everyone loves. I ate a Bruchetta Chicken Wrap. Grilled chicken in a basil tortilla wrap with chopped tomato and onion with balsamic and fresh basil. I highly recommend this dish. To top it off, the home made potato chips were still hot from the vat. I had a nice conversation with the owner, Wayne, and walked out with a couple gigs. How often does a sideman help you get a gig? Thanks, Mike Louie!


Steven and I enjoyed lightly egg battered calamari at Italian Kitchen. He picks me up after finishing work at The Pit. Nice and tender with a little horseradish infused cocktail sauce. What to try next wee?

New Place to try...

I gave Grace of Milan in Grayslake a try with Andy the other day. Interesting combinations. We had pancit (flavorless stringy noodles with veggies), wonderful sticky garlic fried rice and then four main dishes. Squid with a soy vinegrette, beef stew (strange black color), curried meat and my favorite, spicy chicken. We'll have to try it again:)

Chicken Lemone

Chicken Lemone at Italian Kitchen is lightly battered but has plenty of lemony taste. I had it with a side of linguini with aglio olio. Plenty of garlic:D

Home cooking!

Well, last night I was home and decided to cook. I don't do this enough... Made steak medium rare seasoned with garlic, basil, black pepper and a touch of oregano. Served with pasta with balsamic mushrooms:P It was quite tastey if I do say so myself!

Stuffed Shells;0)

Stuffed Shells were on special at Italian Kitchen. They were filled with veal seasoned with black pepper, yellow and red peppers and, of course, garlic. Vodka cream sauce and fresh tomato were tastefully laid out on the plate and fresh parmsam topper the dish off nicely...

Change of pace!

Tonight, after a long day of teaching, I decided I'd bbq. It was gorgeous out! Simple meal of salad, burgers and cheesy potatoes. Everything tastes better on the grill;0)

87 Years Young!

Friday night we celebrated my Dad's 87th birthday at the BBQ Pit. Between the 6 of us we feasted on all our favorites, including ribs, chicken, greek salad to die for and strip steak. All of it was as good ass ever. I ordered something new (for me). The Greek Lamb Chops were tasty with garlic, lemon and oregano. The only issue I had was that there were no leftovers. Next time I'll know not to share:P To top off the night, Gus treated us to some of his wife's world famous (at least it should be) chocolate cake!

Steven is back...

Steven came back tonight from a disc golf tourney in Bowling Green. The four of us ate way too much and laughed a lot at Sweet Tomatoes.

AYCE fish and shrimp tacos

are to be enjoyed at El Ranchito Michoacano every Friday! The batter is light and flakey. The tortilla hot and fresh with a bit of cabbage, tomato and a dab homemade tartar. I ordered a side of ajillo salsa for an extra kick;0)