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Gig food: A new special!

The specials at Italian Kitchen are always tasty. This week's was new (for me) and I realized that I haven't blogged since last November...

Linguini Fumare was a delicious combination of flavors melded into one. You could taste and see the individual morsels that made up this hearty dish with wine, olive oil and garlic holding it all together. The large pieces of wilted spinach and meaty chunks of firm tomato and mushrooms were terrific, but the highlight was the prosciutto. These were not thinly sliced crispy treats, but small tidbits with a bit of heft and a whole lot salty-smoky goodness. I understand the meat was smoked by a friend of John and Emeralds.

Stuffed Shrimp!

An immensely satisfying special last week at Italian Kitchen. The jumbo shrimp were stuffed with garlic breadcrumbs and crab. The shrimp were firm and stuffing had a nice crispness on top. Served over spinach sauteed with garlic made for an very tasty meal.

Jazz at Jaxx Bistro... YUM!

Our first time at Jaxx Bistro in the Deerfield Hyatt was a hit. The business crowd really seemed to enjoy our sound. Bill and I enjoyed a quite an tastey dinner afterwards. The Tuna Steak Sandwich was excellent. Ahi was seared to perfection, nice and rare. Served on a ciabatta roll with wasabi aioli and a crispy nappa slaw. ciabatta roll. Bill tried the Chicken Panini and said it was quite good. Thanks Rago for serving us. Huge thanks to Rebekah for giving us a chance to share our music!

Horseradish crusted Whitefish!

Last night, Joe Policastro joined Bill and me. His time was rock solid and solos were flowing! I think that he enjoyed his first night with Jim Jacobs Trio and will be back for more(0: He topped off his night with Pork-Chop Vesuvio. It looked great. I had Horseradish Crusted Whitefish. The crust was crunchy and had a hint of that horseradish kick I love. The side of steamed cauliflower, broccoli and carrots were were crunchy and had plenty of garlic! All in all, it was a fine night at Deerfield's on and only Italian Kitchen!

Just Dessert!

Yesterday was my birthday. My nephew Stirling is in for the week from NJ. He wanted to see my son Andy at work. Off we went to Italian Kitchen for dessert. Everything on the sweet tray looked tasty. We split some home-made cheese cake and tiramisu made by Marie. Both were creamy and delicious. The tiramisu had just the right ratio of cocoa/coffee/rum. The graham cracker crust was a nice offset for the sweet cream cheesy goodness. Andy sat with us and had the Chocolate Lava Cake. It was hot and gooey and good with vanilla ice cream melting atop and chocolate syrup dripped below. All of the desserts were treats for the senses(0:


Yup, alligator was on special and I had to have some. The bite sized morsels of alligator tail were browned and seasoned nicely with salt and pepper along side some andouille sausage. The white wine sauce was made with fresh garlic and slices of pepperoncini. This appetizer rates two tongues up in my book. Andy and Steven enjoyed it, too;0)

Tasty Shrimp Kabobs...

Last night after another fine gig at Italian Kitchen, we sat down for dinner. Once again, the specials were hard to choose from. I enjoyed the Shrimp Kabobs. Fresh shrimp, as always, were simply grilled on wooden skewers. They were beautifully arranged atop crispy polenta triangles and tangy BBQ sauce. The sauce made the dish with chunks of meaty tomatoes and fresh basil.

Shrimp Parmigiana...

Last night at Italian Kitchen, Bill and I enjoyed the busiest gig of the year. The crowd showed their appreciation with a little extra thank you in the tip jar;0)

I tried am Italian specialty straight form the menu, Shrimp Parmigiana. The shrimp were large and meaty, coated with a light breading. They were served over fresh sauce with the chunky texture that can only be achieved with fresh ingredients. The whole was then covered with fresh parmesan and baked. A side of pasta with my favorite vodka cream sauces made the meal complete!

Zia Lucia... yum!

John Sciarretta (owner of Italian Kitchen) tells me that this is a work in process. It's based on one of his Aunt Lucia's casserole entree. The wonderful home-made fettuccine was hearty and chewy. It stood up well to the rich and creamy mushroom wine sauce. The small morsels of porcini gave it an earthy/smokey flavor. The whole was topped with a little fresh parmigiano cheese and baked to give the top a nice textural crunch. What's next?

Family Eats at Italian Kitchen

Since Steven was home, the four of us were able to eat together at Italian Kitchen on Thursday. We shared some favorites and tried some specials. Garlic-crusted Salmon is always wonderful with a nice crunch to compliment the tender and flavorful fish. Chicken Tagliatelle was a tasty treat of chicken and cheese rolled in home-made pasta with a red cream sauce that is so yummy. We also enjoyed Mushroom Ravioli topped with Italian cheeses and baked Il Forno style. Wow! That was rich!! I saved the best for last, Lobster Diavolo. Morsels of lobster were tossed with linguini and a spicy vodka cream sauce. This was topped with lobster tail grilled 'til tender. I, of course, had to add a bit more heat, but the rest of the family enjoyed it as served.