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Oz Knozz Signs Contract for 2011

Oz Knozz is pleased to announce the renewal of our contract with TSM Promotions of Swansea, Wales (http://www.myspace.com/nickyaor). Oz Knozz originally signed with TSM in early 2009, and the relationship has been very productive, TSM being largely responsible for getting our music on the air around the world. On another note, the band's new CD project is still being mixed over at Sound Arts Recording Studios here in Houston (http://www.soundartsrecording.com). Chief engineer Brian Baker has been working very hard making us sound good! While the original plan was to have the new CD released before the end of 2010, it looks like the release date may slip into early 2011. We would rather have it delayed and come out right than put out something we're not quite satisfied with. It will be soon, we promise!

Oz Knozz back in the Studio

As of March 16th., 2010, Oz Knozz is over at Sound Arts Recording Studios working on the new as yet untitled CD, to be released later this summer. The basic tracks to ten tunes have been recorded, and the band is busy doing guitar, keyboard and backing vocal overdubs. This CD promises to pick up where "10,000 Days & Nights" left off, being a little more Progressive, and really stretching the band's writing talents.