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CD Review by No Cover Magazine

Please check out the following link to read the latest review on the Oz Knozz CD "True Believer" http://www.nocover.com/houston/?x=music&articleid=141

Houston Music Awards

Hi fans! Please log on to the following link to vote for Oz and its members in the Houston Music Awards!

HOUSTON MUSIC AWARDS. Good day everyone, it's time to vote on the Houston Music Awards again. Oz Knozz and individual members are up in numerous categories, and if you would like to support your local Prog guys, here is the list and the link for voting. You can only vote from each email account once, so if you have multiple accounts, use them! We appreciate any and all support! Thanks! Categories; 4. Local Recording; True Believer CD by Oz Knozz 5. Song; Always There by Oz Knozz 6. Local Video; Oz Knozz, Fox Paws 7. Musician of the Year; your choice, lol! 9. Song Writer; Duane Massey 10. Producer; Brian Baker 11. Male Vocalist; Milton De Coronado 13. Guitar; Roberto Guinea 14. Bass; Bill Massey 15.Drummer; Marty Naul 16. Keyboards; Duane Massey 17. Other Instrument; Duane Massey, Trumpet 19. Traditional Rock; Oz Knozz 22. Metal; Oz Knozz 30. Jazz; Duane Massey Here is the link. Again, many, many thanks!!! http://polls.houstonpress.com/polls/hou/musicawardsnominations/

Oz Knozz Under New Management

Effective Monday, April 15th, American Bands Management will take over the live business portion of the Oz Knozz business. We are looking forward to a bright future with American Bands Mgmt!

Oz Knozz Signs Major Record Deal!!

On Tuesday March 6th, Oz Knozz signed a Multi Year, Multi CD contract with Prog Rock Records of Los Angeles, California. We are very proud to be the newest member of the Prog Rock family!

New Oz Knozz Website Goes Live

The new, improved Official Oz Knozz Website is now active! Please go to http://www.ozknozz.com and check it out!

Oz Knozz song is #1

Oz Knozz is pleased to announce that Two Side Moon Promotions has listed Oz Knozz's song "Goodbye Again" as their #1 song in their Top 50 Songs of 2011!! The band is very proud of this honor!!

New CD, Cardi's Concert

Oz Knozz will officially unveil their new CD, "True Believer", at the Cardi's Reunion Concert at the Concert Pub, 5636 Richmond, in Houston on Saturday, Oct. 22nd. Come on out and rock with Oz Knozz and friends!

The New CD Is Just About Ready

Good Evening, Marty here. I was over at Sound Arts Recording Studios earlier tonight, picking up the Master Discs and Log Sheets for our new CD, "True Believer". As soon as I get the data for the artwork from our artist, David Foreman, I will be sending everything off to the CD Manufacturer. We are now counting the days until the CD is ready for release. I will make certain I let everyone know where the CD will be available, both for physical sales, and for Digital Download. Stay tuned, we're getting very close!!!

Oz Knozz and the New CD

Good evening friends, Marty here. It's been a while since I posted anything, but I thought it was time. Oz Knozz has been working on a new CD project since March of 2010 over at Sound Arts Recording Studios here in Houston. Last Saturday, April 16, 2011, Jeff Wells, the owner of Sound Arts, passed away after losing a battle with prostate cancer. Jeff was not only the owner of the Premier Recording Studio in Houston, but he was also a fine guitar player and a good friend. It's my understanding that Sound Arts Chief Engineer, Brian Baker, will keep the studio open, so it will be business as usual. Brian says that's what Jeff would have wanted. We'll all miss him greatly, the best legacy I can think of is to get our new CD released as soon as we can. It's another in a long line of fine music projects to come out of Sound Arts.

Oz Knozz under New Management

We in Oz Knozz would like to announce that the band has hired Paula Guidry of PGProductions for Management and Booking. While the band has been self-managed for the last few years, and has done very well considering, we also realize our limitaions in this area! Paula brings a level of skills, expertise, and contacts that we in the band don't possess, so hers is a very welcome addition. Glad to have you on board, Paula!