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Bass player/singer

Me and friend Alec have 11 song set, 9 originals and 2 covers(cheap trick, joe walsh) Right now just guitar and drums. Hard rock. Call 719-937-5043 if interested.


All music was written by me EXCEPT All Good People,hotel California(Obviously), and Walkin' the Plank. I did however, write 90% of the lyrics for Walkin' the Plank and sang back-up. I also play bass(along with guitar) on File#64 (The Curt Cobain Song)and Crazy world. Howe Too was written with Steve Howe(YES) in mind. Thanks Hank was inspired from a song by Hank Williams Jr. Guitars used: Cort '59 Les Paul copy,Martin, Ovation, and Takamine(12 string) All acoustic/electric. I am obviously looking for a vocalist:)