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Phreddie G! - 2013 Revelations, Resolutions, Wishes and Special Thanks

Happy New Year Readers, Subcribers and Fans! It’s been a few Weeks but it is Sure Great to be able to Chat with you again. Today is Thursday January 3rd and is day Three of Rehersals for my 1st LIVE appearance of the 2013 Shows.

The Band and I will be Performing at “TASTE” Resturant in Orlando. I’m back with a Refreshed Attitude and Direction with my Songs, Working as an Intern “Co-Hosting” as a Radio Host on Orlando’s #1 College Radio Station WPRK 91.5FM, and also Preparing to accept a “Certificate of Acheivemen”t for being a #1 Singer-Songwriter in Orlando for One-Year, Per “Reverbnation” Poll and Presented by a Group of my Industry Peers. This is just a Sample of the excitement that I’ll be sharing with you for now however. I mean there’s no need to bored you with a Full Blog ABOUT “me” but rather the ‘Activities and or Topics we could go Over together given your Feed back. I was Actually gonna See if I could just start a Blog and Find the “Title” for it as I Created it but still came back to “Just another Installment of”…lol

Ok, so I’ll take you back to the days when I was Living between Los Angeles and Orlando in 2003. I Wrote Several Tunes, a Lot of Which are Just coming to Light. There’s “One” in particular Entitled” “(Real “REAL”) Zyn D’Pruf”. This is a single inwhich I Wrote about the Actions and Expression of how I’d feel about that Special Someone and how They would know it Unless i was I who Showed. Mainly just Metaphors and Direct ways of Looking at: “Allowing someone know when you’re serious about your Love and or Level of Care for them.”

I’m sure each Listener will give their “Spin” when they give their feedback on the Track. I can say that I’m Truly Glad that I experienced all of the Things that I didall my Life but Especially in 2012. A Lot of things were brought into Focus for me – I Discovered Yet a another deeper meaning to the Shortness of LIFE and that I Really dont have time for ”Paralysis for Analysis”. I Thank GOD for my Talents and the ability to Present them with Vigor. To have a HIT Song is what I will Start out with and the Rest will come. I know I have these things with your Support – Thank You All – for More on My New Record Please Join me on:

YouTube: http://youtu.be/26N7OW8mS5c


and: www.reverbnation.com/phreddieg for an EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD!!

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Thanks for your Support and, Chat with You again Soon – All D’Best in 2013!

About Me: Singer-Songwriter: Phreddie G!

Greetings from the World of Music!

My name is Phreddie G! – born (Bennie F. McDonald, jr) I’m a Singer-Songwriter just starting out in the Music Business. I created this Blog to reach out to my Fans and Supporters in a more up-close and Personal way. I will make my Official Premiere on the the World Stage on September 21st 2012. This will will be my Official Debut Project.

I have Performed with Several Bands and Groups but my Best thing is Songwriting. I Write many different types of Songs, I write with others in mind as well as Enjoy Collaboration also. One of my Greatest feelings is when I have my Songs Recorded by others and, Currently being the Number 1 Singer-Songwriter in Orlando, per Reverbnation.

At the Present time, I’m an Artist and Songwriter with a Publishing Agreement with Mac Law Music, BMI and Signed to Digital Agreement with New Music Capital Records. As I attain and achieve Success, I want to always use my Talents to help Improve the Culture of Music for the sake of the Industry and Humanity…And to be Nomminated and Receive the Billboard, Grammy, and American Music Awards for appreciation of the Varying faucets of my Craft in this effort would be very Nice also, lol.

I hope to get a lot of interest in my Blog Page – I Answer each Question Personally. Fans are Welcome to respond to my Blogs with Reviews and Comments anytime. I hope that you will Explore more of the Music that I share with the World.

Tell me about yourself, your Interests and Ideas. Be sure to come to the Shows, I enjoy Meeting you in Person. And be sure to LIKE and Submit your Email to subcribe to my Mailing List for Constant updates.


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