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Clams clams clams

Well we had rehearsal today. We hate practicing before shows, but hey we have a 45 minute set to get ready for. You know what means? Bloodstream and other songs the way we meant them to be. Be ready for a few jams, but also be ready for our heavier songs to kick you in the nuts or ovaries and make you sterile/infertile. Kids are overrated anyway right? Would you rather pay for a spawn of Satan mooch off you and have to wipe their ass or see the vinyl plane? Captain Planet votes TVP. Do you want to destroy the world by not supporting awesomeness?

Well here we go...

First, before this tirade begins, we would like to congratulate our brothers in Craving Strange for advancing, as they are good friends of ours and Matt is a close personal friend of the clam.

Moving on, it is an insult that neither The Vinyl Plane nor Revel 9 advanced. It is naive of the contest to think that anyone will be using yuuzoo after this. It's pretty obvious this contest was alterior motives to try and start a new social media music network. Well you guys failed. Yuuzoo runs terribly. No one will use it after this. Nice try though

Now to take the high road. TVP has plenty of shows coming up for our amazing fans that wasted their money at the bars of this morally corrupt contest. We plan on buying you drinks for the ticket money you spent coming to see us for these past shows

Personally signed, the clam

Clamtastic comments again

Well we think we did great Sunday for round 3 of the break contest. We hear this Sunday the final results. We hope our brothers in craving strange and revel 9 make it too. In the meantime, we're teaching Steve some songs you may remember, and may record them soon. New 4-5 song cd coming out soon. TVP is back and here to stay. Checks in the mail, it'll be there before your tax return

The Break Contest (Final Round) / Upcoming gigs

Well we rocked out a great set last night at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale, NY and our dedicated fans put their votes in. We can only sit back and wait at this point and hope we earned a slot for Bamboozle Festival in the eyes of the judges. Win, lose, or draw, we are mighty pleased with ourselves and have plenty in store coming up with TWO radio interviews (one of which includes a LIVE acoustic performance) to finish up the month of April, followed by an INTENSE May schedule that sees us in L.I., NYC, and PA. as we then kick June off with a 2 day festival! Fasten you seat belts and make sure you seat is in the upright position: The Vinyl Plane is landing...HARD!!

Set List for The Break Contest (final round)

1. Toot the Moon 2. New Song ("The End" / "Burn the Bridge" - still pending) 3. I'd Love to Change the World (cover by Ten Years After) 4. Odd Woman

The Break Contest

As most of you already know, T.V.P. has been engaged in "The Break Contest" for the past 3 months. This is a type of "battle of the bands" if you will, that will ultimately see one winner (from each region) that gets to play the main stage of Bamboozle Festival. We have climbed our way from the 1st and 2nd rounds to make it to this third and FINAL round which will be held at "The Nutty Irishman" of Farmingdale, NY. We just wanted to quickly update you on the previous set lists.

1st Round @ Ollie's Point in Amityville, NY:

1. Devil's Den 2. Goin' South 3. Dear Mr. Fantasy (cover by Traffic/Steve Winwood) 4. Carolina (w/ ending from "Toot the Moon")

2nd Round @ Ollie's Point in Amityville, NY:

1. Circus Boy 2. Sky Feat 3. Mississippi Queen (cover by Mountain) 4. Disco Floyd 5. Shake the Rats

See you at "The Nutty Irishman" in Farmingdale, NY on April 22nd at 8:30pm (SHARP) for the final round, and as always to get "VINYLIZED"


Well people here's the latest clamtastic blog.

As you may know we've got two shows coming up. This Saturday 4/14 at Bartini and then 4/22 at the nut Irishman in farmingdale. Bartini we're playing two sets, so basically we're throwing most of our catalog out there, drinking heavily, and melting some faces. The Nutty is also kind of a big deal. Final round of the break contest, plus we're debuting a new cover, and also POTENTIALLY debuting a new song. So yea, those are two dates you're not going to want to miss.

But for now, I'm of to make a sandwich and watch Armageddon. Checkmate people. Clams out

Are you wearing space pants?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your clam speaking. Some of you may have heard, and some not. So let's just get the good news out again. TVP, along with our good friends Craving Strange and Revel 9 have all made it to the regional finals of the Bamboozle Break contest. It's great to know we're in such good company.

Secondly, there is a new album on the horizon. Details soon to come, but we have a pretty full stock of songs that we know you'll like. The Mayans predicted the world to end in 2012 because TVP melted everyone's faces.

Recording this summer, release shortly after. Over and out

Brand New Blog!

Hey everybody! It has come to our attention that the blog we've been using for years on myspace is NOT being shown here (as we had chosen to link you to). In light of this, we will now be posting ALL official T.V.P. blogs on Reverbnation (also available on our brand NEW and FREE mobile App!).

Keep checking back as we're making many professional improvements for 2012...