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Two radio interviews coming up. Love doing them. Dj's are always nice and fun. So excited to get things moving. Still no computer. Im told it will be here Wednesday. Can't wait for that either! Really bites not having it. I'm do limited as to what I can get done. Hope you areall enjoying your evenings so listen in and take care.

Still no pc

Been an ok day. Just busy busy as usual. Gearing up for a couple inter views on the weekend. One of my favorite things to do. Still no pc. Frustrating. Limited on what i can do. Have a good night.


Day number 2 without the pc. Can't get to any files to do anything. But all in all its been a nice day. It was nice out. A cool 65. Beautiful. Getting ready for two upcoming radio interviews. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nfotusa/2013/10/20/joey-glenn-live That is the link for Sundays at 3 pm CST. http://www.facebook.com/nfotusaradio. My page for the interview. I'll get the other one up asap. Hope you all have a blessed night.

Computer down

Well, i'm working on my phone today because my pc us down. Its hard to get anything done on a phone. All my files are on the pc so therefore i have none of my information available. So I am doing all that my phone will allow me to do. If you don't see much of me thats the reason why. I have some new show dates on the loom. I have been communicating with folks today and there has been good things and not so good things. So as soon as I get solid info I will definitely post it. Other than that it's been a cool but beautiful day. Take care all!

Good times

One other thing. I had a wonderful but busy weekend spending time with family! :-))😑


This week I'm getting all of my information around and going over things to be talked about on the interviews I'm doing. First up is with a cool station who has been playing my tunes for abit now. Robert I look forward to our event. Then it will be with NFOTUSA Radio which will be heard by troops and all over the world. The link for this interview is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nfotusa/2013/10/20/joey-glenn-live Where you can go now to visit and listen live on Sunday at 3pm cst. I always love doing these interviews because they are always nice and respectful. I will fill you in on the other interview soon. Have a good night all.


There is nothing like the love of family. When can all get together and have a wonderful time...well now that's what Im talking about! Today was a wonderful day and I had a full weekend. But it was all soooo worth it. Hopefully we will get to do it again soon..Love you guys! You make life worth living!


Listening to some Gary Stewart! Love this guy...Love the songs..."OUT OF HAND" IS A FAVORITE. If you get a chance or can find him you should give him a listen...I love all kinds of music..all music has a message..

Days go by

Well another busy day has gone by. I haven't been able to be as active as I would like on here but Im sure giving it my best shot. Hope you all have a wonderful night...Sweet Dreams!

Good People

I have just completed a few shows where I met some amazing folks. The shows were great, the people amazing and the venues very accommodating. If all my shows go this well, Im set to be having a blast! Peace, Love and Music to All!