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Songwritng is good for you.............

I wanted to comment on the huge role songwritng has played in my life. It has filled me with passion and given me a dream and a goal to reach for. I always wanted to be a country singer/songwriter. It was with a strong heart that I started on this path. The road to success is bumpy and I am still on that road. The journey however has been blessed with kindness too. I am honored to say I met Waylon Jennings and his beautiful wife Jessi Colter. He was related to my songwriting partner Dee Dee Martin through marriage. We were always allow all access back stage at his concerts. I spent most of my songwritng career writing Outlaw Songs for Waylon. The joy I have from those memories are priceless. My other songwriting partner is Lisa Blue. She is Porter Wagoner's niece. We went to Nashville and visited the Grand Ole Opry with Porter. He bought us out on stage and introduced us. I even got to wear one of his nudie jackets. Anyway the point is Songwritng has made my life better and I love and honor my every song I ever wrote. And with a honest heart i can say"Songwriting has been Good to Me".