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How The Band Started - Kip Larson Edition

Jason tells Kip he has some songs. Kip tells Jason to come over and record them. Kip records Jason playing acc. guitar and singing. Then Kip accidentally adds bass/electric gtr./drums/harmonies to Jason’s songs. But, they both dig it. Decided on name “the Scrubjays” due to all of the Scrubjays in Kip’s yard. And also because they are blue and big and sort of annoying but in a good way. Note: during this time Jason and Kip are trying to get their hip-hop outfit “Raptitude” off the ground. --- Jason brings over Dan Kimbro to Kip’s house to document some Dan songs. Kip recommends recording about 5 of Dan’s vast repertoire of hilarious, awesome, or vagina songs. Kip buys a fancy new microphone. Dan records with it. Kip accidentally adds drums and shit to Dan’s songs. Jason also then accidentally adds some bass parts to Dan’s songs. Dan likes. Name change? No...it’s already an awesome name. --- 1-2ish years of Kip and Jason actually learning how to play the instruments they kept accidentally adding. Summer party at Jason's house: many people tolerate our struggle through the set. Tommy joins as a guest on the last two songs. Don (Kip’s brother in-law and former employer of Jason) asks the (officially still a 3-piece) band to play the headliner slot at an irish pub called Biddy McGraws. Despite sort of a sucky place to play the SJs are well received by all 45 people in Dan’s immediate family. --- Dan goes to Florida to play with alligators and shit. --- Kip and Jason start playing with Tommy at an undisclosed location. They quickly bust out 3-4 keeper songs. Dan returns after 6 weeks and...well... awkward! Kip and Jason talk Tommy and Dan into trying to play each other’s songs and [insert high-school chemistry explosion sound]: “Houston, we have lift-off”.

How The Band Started - Jason Gaffney Edition

Let’s see how did it happen? Right. The story goes something like this. Dan wants to shed ha-ha funny songs about vaginas, hermaphrodites, and puking in shoes, so he records some good ol’ songs concerning ghosts, mountains and shovels at home on his computer. Just as he’s done recording, there’s a knock at the door, it’s Jason, and he says “awesome” and wants to be Dan’s back up singing monkey. Dan says “sure” and Jason tells him that their mutual good buddy Kip Larson wants someone to lay some shit down because he’s got the toys do so and fuck “let’s get some shit going.” Amidst recording Dan’s songs Kip likes what he hears and, at the next session and in his best cockney accent says “by the by I put some drums to a couple of songs,” and from there then on, keeping the former duo name of Kip and Jason’s partial project the ScrubJays, the three band together (pun completely intentional).


Fast forward to the trio’s first show at Biddy’s. Good, solid and hopeful, but there’s still room for some guitar harmony. “Whatever shall we do,” asked the fledgling ScrubJays? Jason, being the musical slut that he is, had also been working on some songs with old friend and former band mate Tommy Illk. “Put down that gryo-boy and let’s get juiced on some electricity…man” Jason screams. “You know” Tommy ponders, “I been thinking that three bands is not enough…okay, fuck it.” And then, right there at that moment Tommy played a guitar lick, wholly and completely absent of an actual guitar mind you, that made Jimmy Hendrix stand up from his grave and ask for fresh ice cubes for his drink that he never got to finish, because he puked, choked and died before he could finish it. Jimi thanks you Tommy!