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The Sound of Whisky Row

You have the album, you've heard Whisky Row in the past at live shows or previous recordings, and the question surfaces wow this is different? We have always had a particular sound in mind. We were just limited by the limits of our musicianship. Being able to spend a great deal of time with true professional really broadened our abilities and finally have allowed us to create the sound we've so longed to create. We are extremely pleased with our first record, it really defined our path for now and the future. The new songs were working on will be no different. We are amassing a great amount of new originals and are excited to share all of our music with our fans. Thank you for embracing us and please let us know what you think of our sound, it means everything to use. This is our profession what we do for a living. So every response, every like, every shout out, is like getting a review from your employer. So please take the time to post your comments here or at any of our social sites. Thank you from The Row!