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The Final Performance: 4.20.12

VIII DAYS CLEAN ‘THE FINAL PERFORMANCE’ For Immediate Release TACOMA, WA (April 10, 2012) – After almost 6 years the ride is over for VIII Days Clean. And what a long strange trip it has been. From the red carpet in Hollywood to packed shows up and down the West Coast, VIII Days Clean will definitely be missed by thousands. The Final Performance will be held in front of an all ages crowd on Friday, April 20th at Louie G’s in Fife, WA. Doors open at 6p, music starts at 8p, admission is free with the donation of one non-perishable food item. All food donated will go to benefit North West Harvest and local food banks. Originally a jam session turned school project, the hard rock band VIII Days Clean was formed in 2006. Then guitarist, Ron Walvatne, needed a band who would allow him to shoot and edit a music video. After little success he decided to start his ‘own’ band. Having been in the local music scene since the early 90’s Walvatne had little trouble finding three guys to jam with. VIII Days Clean was formed in the dark, cobweb ridden garage of drummer, Jeff Welch. Little did anyone know that this school project would soon become the ride of their lives. Since its inception VIII Days Clean has had its share of trials and tribulations. As the name suggests all members of VIII Days Clean are in recovery. Once homeless drug addicts every member who has graced the stage, and there have been many, was at that time working to change his life. Not surprisingly, in the beginning, bars and night clubs were slow to hire a ‘clean and sober’ band. Entertainment and music events within the 12 step community were also reluctant to hire the band. Despite being told you can’t have it both ways, in recovery and a rock band, VIII Days Clean trudged forward. Four full length albums later, Skeletons in 2006, Second Column in 2008, Angels of Nothing in 2009 and Parasite in 2011, VIII Days Clean has been able to build a fan base thousands strong from coast to coast. Often times, those once nay sayers, approach with the same request; ‘Tell me how you did it.’ And the answer is always the same; ‘ Relentless marketing, a sincere desire to succeed, with love and support from friends and family but most of all the desire to share our message…no matter who you are or where you come from you too can achieve your dreams.’ VIII Days Clean was nominated for a Prism Award and opened for Drowning Pool in 2010 at a welcome home event for JBLM troops, completed 5 West Coast tours, played a 12 step World Convention and can now play at any local club without question any night of the week. So why end it now? In the words of now singer / guitar player Ron Walvatne; ‘Life has many opportunities in it for all of us. Priorities have shifted for a couple of the band members and those priorities conflict with the priorities of the band.’ In true VIII Days Clean style they will leave fans wanting more. Their fifth and final album titled, The Final Performance, will be released at the last show on April 20th. Tracks include never before heard songs, featuring deceased bassist Tony McDougland and several live versions of previously released songs. It is with gratitude and love in our hearts that we bid farewell to the local scene and our many fans. Please do not ask us to stay, as we cannot…simply ask yourself, ‘What would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail.’ - VIII Days Clean

For more information please contact manager; Marin McCauley 253.486.2141 or management@viiidaysclean.com.

Quick Facts Event: VIII Days Clean – Final Performance Date: Friday, April 20, 2012 Location: Louie G’s – 5219 Pacific Hwy E. Fife, WA 98424 Doors: 6p Music: 8p Admission: FREE with donation of non-perishable food item

VIII Days Clean Prism Award Nominee

Prism Award Nominee VIII Days Clean VIII Days Clean has been nominated for a Prism Award in the category of Music or Music Video. All winners will be announced on April 22, 2010. The PRISM Awards concentrate on drug, alcohol, tobacco and Homosexual issues. Past winners and nominees have included the films Walk the Line, Ray, City of God, Skins, Blow, Traffic, The Insider and Purgatory House. TV shows, episodes and movies of the week honored have included programs such as: Augusta, Gone, Monk, The Office, Desperate Housewives, Pinky and the Brain, ER, Boston Legal, and General Hospital. The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) honors films, television programs and artists that make a positive difference in the world of entertainment and which portray realistic depictions of dependence, in an annual, star-studded, televised awards show. What is the Prism Award http://www.prismawards.com/about/ Who attends the Prism Awards http://www.prismawards.com/media/