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Throw out the old.

With the entrance of Ron Hadden on electric guitar, Brian Foster on Bass, Brian Wells on Drums, and getting Robbie Margadona back on the Keys our sound has magnified. Sometimes in your life you just know things are perfect...we're loving it. I know Rich and I are excited out of our minds to be playing with such a great ensemble of musicians that can bring so much to the table musically. We will blow you away period. I have no question as to the ability of SevenSecond to bring original music and our take on music of the past to capture your attention and your patronage. In fact for having played 3 times with these guys now I can see There is nothing, Nothing we can do wrong. ~ Hope to see you at a future event. Let me know if you need a large sound!

One Click Culture
One Click Culture  (over 7 years ago)

Glad to hear things are going well for you guys! Keep it up!