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The story of "Yours and Mine"

On facebook one day, I got tangeled up on a friends page in a thread about this quote.. "One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life." —from "The Prophet" by: Gibran Khalil Gibran I say friend but I have never even met this person before face to face and she lived in an entirely different part of the globe from me. I'm still not exactly sure where she was.. I wrote these song lyrics: Till the resources are gone Till you walk away Till can't see the difference Between yours and mine Will it matter then who it was that say That I'm still in love with you And I don't know what I'm gonna do Don't go Please stay One more day Till Monday That's a week from Sunday afternoon Let's have one more coffee and spoon Sing along to the new song I play Cause I'm still in love with you And I don't know what I'm gonna do Please stay I called the song "yours or mine?". I wrote & recorded it within minutes. The recording is the first time I ever sang it and immediately posted it to the very same thread on that very same page. It was up within the hour. It was Sunday.. This is the world we live in now.. The power of information to be cataloged and transfered today is great. The sheer volume must be staggering at any given moment as it wafts out into space. Yet it's also at any moment that our entire electrical power grid can be wiped out by a coronal blast of the sun. That could set all of our activity here on this little planet back to the stone age. "With great power comes great responsibility"-- Spiderman This is our time to do what needs to bed done.. NOW !! All the tools for creating the greatest society of all time and peace in this world is at our fingertips !! We all have something different to do. Do it with love.. Tell you friends about your ideas and visions. Let's come together and be "real".. Now.. Today! Steady on, =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnqubAGgx2k =)

JOHN HYDE: To slay the nameless dragon

Well, this one is quite fierce but she dosen't breath fire.. The flame comes through it's eyes and the flames blow inward to a black hole in it's core. it is complete, self-centered and a great deceiver. Watch as it's scales flake eaisily. The villagers are forced to decide, either follow it's chaotic ways or try to control her by force. To aviod the latter, This dragon makes sure to only keep people of the honest and peaceful types around her and shape-shifts and strolls the simple towns and villages for her meat. That's why she takes on the form of something spiritual sometimes appearing as a sort of priestess to those who are not trained to recognize it's ways. In passive community it is hard to detect the "passive agression" when it strikes with it's gravity warping powers. It twists the insides of it's victims with a confusing bewilderment, combined with a strange frustration that actually over time can manifest into a physical sensation and cause physical pain. It then slowly sucks out the life force from such wounds untill the captive surrenders and begins to accept pain to be a normal part of life. It is this ultimate surrender that tastes the meat sweetest of all to her. It reinforces the black demonic possesion that is the voice in her head that tells her that none among the brave hunters and believers in the light of righteous truth are strong enough, no vows are true and no convictions can save any of these noble pilgrims. So naive to her at the end of the day. Why should she believe in anything or anyone at all? It is that idea that keeps her on her path of darkness. and it is that idea that will blind her to the sword of light when it falls upon these dragons as they do not recognize anything beyond the colors their shadows and gray. However, it is also at "the end of the day" where this battle begins. So wait, brave warrior. The time to strike will be soon at hand. You must wait in the world of shadow with your meditations and your faith resonating like a singing bowl, till the hour comes and the sword of light pierces through the atmosphere like the sun from behind the horizion. The fervent will stand in this alignment and will realize that the weapon has at the same time been placed in their own hands as it also passes through the sky like a force of nature, beyond any of this worlds gravity. Bring it down over this beautiful colorless head of the dragon with the prismed blade of white light & brilliant rainbows that will be invisible to it's hollow glowing, black pupils. These creatures can only sense the cavernous terrain of the surface of the inside of their eyes but they have no awareness of any volume of light that might be inside, what is needed to focus, to have any vision. A vision now only of itself being vanquished. It's not as gory as it sounds... Just lay down some plastic first.

All you need is love? 1 of 2

I have said it myself. "Love isn't all you need but it makes everything else better." and "love isn't all you need but nothing really means anything without it." and other things to that effect. Also in darker times, statements like "love is great if you can afford it". I always thought that line "All you need is love", that along with other things made John Lennon such a false prophet (for those people who might have called him a prophet) and that love was for happy, economically comforted people. Not that I believe he ever thought of himself as such as a "prophet". But he obviously understood that the world culture and certainly the youth/young adult culture of his day in a lot of ways were hanging on his words. And so he did his bed-ins and was interviewed in a potato sack and so on as sort of an "anti-prophet" I guess but whatever he claimed to be or not to be he still made his statements. His reluctance to recognize the gravity of his impact on the culture of his time leads one to wonder why he involved himself *"in, out, in" the subject of a revolution at all. * Lennon danced around the topic in his lyrics to his song "Revolution". The point I am trying to get to here is that maybe there is something more prophetic to "all you need is love" than I was able to grasp for part of my adult life and I didn't even realize the danger in it. I mean when I first heard that lyric, I agreed with it but I was so young then. I don't think I had even been in any true romance yet at that point in my life of 14 or 15 years or so. I didn't know if the Beatle's claim was true but I sure wanted it to be. I only began to scoff at it as an adult, as the working class life began to squeeze me. However, I'm starting to wonder now if love truly was all you needed in most parts of the world maybe even up till only a few decades ago. Maybe only recently that simple saving grace of love conquering all had been the way and has now been striped from us.. If so I want to be a part of what will bring it back, how about you? Look at the world now. We celebrate drug delers and artists say without batting an eye that "it's all about the money" We approve of a married women to give a strip tease on television like Beyoncé (a married woman) in her "video phone" music video and we delude our culture that it is some kind of liberation and this is somehow empowering for womankind or something? I'm not trying to call her out or anything, I just think it's nothing to be proud of. We are all victims of our collective madness.

All you need is love? 2 of 2

Love is too silly of a thing to talk about these days in mixed company. Just like talking about believing in God or the possibility a free lunch. Something to daydream about on the train sure, In the dark rattling of the subway tunnel maybe but never let it out in the light of day. Not the deep cosmic kind of love anyway it's more of the politically correct type if anything that e-harmony can establish (for a price) we can comfortably chat on. BTW a friend told me she tried one of those match-maker sites and it turned out that she was most compatible with her own shoes! Which actually turned out great for her because she much more prefered "walkn" to "talkin" anyway. (I told her it seemed a little cooky but "the Deer Hunter" actually wasn't half bad)....... But is love supposed to be practical? Like an orthopedic brace or a rug that really pulls the room together? Or should it be like an alien abduction? I don't know, I'm starting to think my point is unraveling by now. I sort of see somthing like there are 2 or maybe more ideas on this subject. I guess they each have a fail/success rate and who's to say what love is? I do know this however, new shoes can always be replaced but an alien abduction just happens. You either go or you stay; I can't say if we have any control over it either, if and when it might happen to you or I. Pray that diplomacy has it's place in the stars just as it does down here for your safe trip but thankfully up there in zero-g, objects in motion stay in motion. That's just how love should be down here, love shouldn't apply to the forces of this little planet and it's concerns. A little stronger than that apple snapping away from it's tree branch should be a force called love that doesn't notice the effects of such things pushing or pulling on it because it exists in a place we connect within our mind, that is if it's pure. Otherwise, it will fall like anything eventually. I guess what I'm saying is in truth nothing else should matter at all but love itself and if you don't get that then you'll never know love and I'm going to stop making any butts about it. Don't support the ideologies of greed and material possessions or celebrate survivalist, criminal, brutality as an approach to success in this life and love. That is the disease. Artists need to address those worlds of defeated hearts to present a cure, not to merely mirror or amplify the pain that lives there already to make some piercing feedback. We know those voices of anger and defeat. Note also how these villians with their self serving belief systems always change their tune when they have some money thrown at their feet. Charity is meaningless when you can more than afford it. Remember true love! Recognize your true prophets! Now!!!

Some thoughts

I wrote and recorded my song named "Epiphany" 2 days before the earthquake in Hati so I will give the procedes of it's sales to a Hatian charity.. Once the song is up for sale, I still haven't reached that stage of my operation just yet but it will happen soon. I'm working on some new songs right now to respond to some recent events in the world but they are not ready just yet but I know how they are going to be and I can't wait to realize them officially... It won't be long now. My fb page is open to anyone who want's to look at it. I put up interesting things there from time to time, so check it out. I sort of look at Facebook as my blog/art gallery/podcast. What can I say I am so "diy" it's rediculous. Anyone in th NYC area want to live with me at my place? That would be great. I'm looking for a roommate situation.. I'm such a cool guy to live with it's rediculous. Almost as much as I'm "diy".