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Writing everyday?

For 12 years I did write everyday except when I was traveling. It's kind of difficult to write away from home...at least for me. Somewhere around last August all of that came to a halt. I have some ideas as to why that happened, but, that isn't what I want to talk about here. What I do want to talk about is getting that restarted. I watched a short interview with Benita Hill, this evening. She was talking about writing your stream of consciousness, getting it on paper. I will do that tonite. I know that it may not be pretty...but, I am desperate. I am already interested as to what will happen, but, I am open to it.

When things go from good to not so good.

Last week I spent some time in Georgia with friends and family and music. Generally, I don't write too much away from home, but, last week I came up with two nice songs. I always appreciate those little gifts.

But, really I want to write about family. My family. I had the chance to spend a little time with my older brother, Jim, one of my younger brothers, Steve, and a couple of nephews, one fiance and her family. All of that was really good. Family does mean so much. But, I guess the highlight of my week was getting to spend on hour or so with My Uncle Raleigh. He, Jim and I went out to eat at a fantastic place Pier 97. We had a great time. Raleigh is my dad's little brother. He had some great stories. The three of us had a ball.

Of course, good things somehow have to come to an end. It did. I traveled back to Bristol on Wednesday evening, then...and then...I had to get up at 5 o'clock Thursday morning to have surgery on my left shoulder. From that point until this evening, I have been in real pain. That excruciating kind that ends up giving you a killer of a headache. The docs gave me drugs but, for some reason they just haven't been working...until now. I guess the last 20 minutes is the best I have felt since Thursday. I am thinking about jumping in the sack and trying to get to sleep before the shoulder starts hurting again. No, wait. I will get into the bed ever so gently, very gently.

Anyway, the high of last week was replaced with a shoulder surgery low. But, with the last few minutes of a lot less pain...I am at least getting out of "the super low". I go see my shrink in the morning, Dr. Bill somehow always cheers me up. I can get through this. I think.

A good, no, great weekend.

.It is always a good to make an appearance in Nashville. I hadn't been over in a couple of months, so, this felt good. The folks at the old Country Music Inn always make us feel at home. I guess we know the place as well as they do. We ran down to Franklin and ate with friends at Logan's on Thursday, then came back up to The Commodore to play the writers night, Debi Champion always does a superb job and this was no exception. Among other great writers were Tommy Barnes, Coley McCabe, Troy Martin, Joel Shewmake and Glenda Goodie. We were in a round with Dave Johnson and Megan Rox.

On Friday, we had several matters of business to take care of, working along side the inimitable Fat Walter. That night we went to the Schermerhorn to hear Kenny Rogers and the Nashville Symphony. Let me say that Kenny was good, the symphony was outstanding. A side note about our cab driver, Omed. This was the first time I have ridden with someone that I was convinced he actually owned the road. He was smooth and he went where he wanted. Exactly where he wanted.

On Saturday we got to hear our friends Georgia Middleman, Dave Berg and Leslie Satcher. A day a of great fun and fantastic songs. We managed to get back home in one piece and looking forward to our next time over.

New CD Traveling Music

Hey, I just wanted to take a couple minutes of your time to tell about the new CD, Traveling Music. This one is two years in the making. Some of the best musicians from here to Nashville to St. Augustine. There are 15 incredible songs written by PJ and several co writers, including Tina Rodgers, Clark Bailey, Christian Kohran and Keith Jenkins.

But, better than letting me tell you about it, here is the link to cdbaby. There you can listen to the songs, check out the download specials or buy the regular hard copy CD, which has a special price through the holidays.

It is easy, just check out http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/pjsteelman2

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you enjoy the CD.