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Watch the video!!!! Playing with my dj set.



New Song " Say u Love"!

New song just released and available on iTunes. Dance, Techno, turns Dubstep with sexy dreamy vocals. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

Nadeea and Tyler Posey at the Youth Rock Awards

The first Youth Rock Awards on December 7 were a blast. We saw a lot of talented kids singing,dancing,breaking,etc.

The event was hosted by Massey brothers. BooBoo Stewart,and Justin Bieber were among the winners. Tyler Poser from Teen Wolf got two Awards.

see pics at http://www.facebook.com/NadeeaFanPage

Nadeea's thoughts on OccupyLA

Dozens arrested as cops raid Occupy LA camp.Government is uneasy as people speak against injustice. Freedom,anyone?

I had my own share with the cops. Got arrested before for speaking my mind. There is only one way to start a revolution!