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Lost in transit :) Depend on you my dearest fans

Had no access to the internet from November till today, because I was in areas where there was no internet connection, such as the hills of my Andy's Quartz Cottage project, and in the homes of two landlords whose "location problem" and robbed Electricity problem made me beat a hasty retreat. Anyone exists because of the appreciation of others and you are very important to me, an instrumentalist and a solo performer with no gigs, no shows, and based in Sri Lanka. One of the few women composers of western music.

Agents Please do not go by numbers

How many attend your shows (the best), but not for solo instrumentalists; how many face book likes (Ugh!, you can buy these), how many song likes (Ugh! You can buy these too) I do not. I don't believe in false prophecies :) Appreciate you honestly. Love you too! But too downright honest! I see no value in making numbers by paying for them. I have honest numbers in N1Music! The best and the most loyal. Sound Cloud, Music Clout, but no number counts on other websites where my music is featured!

Instrumentalists will be promoted

Any genre, any instrument. You can like the page and share your content on Instrumentalists UNite https://www.facebook.com/instrumentalists.unite

Vocalists you will be promoted

Featuring vocalists any genre but CLEAN LYRICS please. Conservative Audience. Ape Michael Jackson. Please like the page. Give me a reminder if you need any song promoted plus plus, then I will post it. Presently allowing posts from others too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/TABA-likes-your-music-Your-radio/130183340452004

Problem sharing my music & video's? Overcome =

Music? 1) Go to the "Share link" 2) send an email to yourself, 3) get the link to share, It automatically goes to "outlook". For Video's, just check Andrea Brito Babapulle and Voila! From cottages to food to fantasy :) For you www.tabafordancemusic.com, uninterrupted music. No counts, no downloads either :) Try Musicclout for free downloads and Sound cloud!

Sharing your music

I have created a page using www.wix.com titled www.tabafordancemusic.com which has a YOU subset, which tells you where you can share your music. This includes my radio page, the main and the extensions for instrumentalists.

A solo instrumentalist has hardly any chance of being in a show or a gig because people like bands! The singers are backed by bands, and musicians. The solo musician is dependent therefore upon a loyal fan club and musicians who are courageous enough to share the music of a solo without fear of losing its own fan club to the solo musician, however, failing to consider that no income is lost on the sharing, maybe just a place on the rung of popularity. Just a number ultimately! A show and a live performance will always get precedence! Country and locality play a big part in popularity, i.e. no foreign artists can travel, say, to Chicago to enter a competition for "those based in Chicago" or near say "Middle Hampton"which is seeking a performer for their night club. And visa requirements, embassies etc play a big part on whether you perform internationally or not. My music is for "Dance and Entertainment", no shows or gigs, no cash incomes, no night clubs, and very unfortunate, not even recognized in my country, because I play western Music. Reverbnation has to be blessed! It is multi-cultural. But, even on Reverbnation, you need to have funds to reach the masses, therefore a poor musician even in his own but known country, will never get heard.

Pls like my TABA page on fb cos forgot to ask

https://www.facebook.com/TABA.for.Dance.Music I am so busy liking everyone else's music and promoting you on the various websites, I forget myself often :) My swan song! :) Much obliged. Every single one of you is featured either on https://www.facebook.com/instrumentalists.unite or your vocals on My radio page which features the music which is not categorised and the hip hop, indie, alternative and reggae artists are featured here https://www.facebook.com/pages/TABA-likes-your-music-Your-radio/130183340452004

I do apologize to those who cannot be featured because the language in the songs is a bit too "unconventional" and the Audience is old-fashioned.

I am rather a low profile person, a background worker, been that to the family and now here, the reverb family.

Hey! A complete piece please!

Introducing your music to the public, at least 20,000 fans on their relevant genres, (which I know nothing about.. ha ha!) but love your music and need a complete piece to promote the music. Clips and snippets won't do. Regret unable to also feature songs with "Modern language".. a conservative audience and kids, the reason but music lovers!

Let us soar through dance! You = us!

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for your Friendship. Love and Hugs! Online friends are people we may never meet .... We see pictures, we may see cams ... It isn't the same .... We grow close ... We care and share and show love .... One day we may not hear from one another ....All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore ..... All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had ..... Keep me close to your heart .... Friends forever ...with love, ..... Thanks for always being my friend ... TABA

Andy's Quartz Cottage

The world's first quartz cottage built out of quartz and Dolomite for some surfaces which take slabs and not lumps! I like creative stuff, and this is fun stuff. Wont' make me any cash, unless you visit and contribute :0. https://www.facebook.com/AndysQuartzCottage