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(the) wHiTe HoRsEs (project)

What is now called the wHiTe HoRsEs project began as a very short-lived but truly inspired songwriting/recording collaboration between two very different men, one in Northern California and one in Wales, starting on News Year's Eve (December 31, 2005 and January 1, 2006), and lasting, initially, till late April; then briefly again in August 2006.

They were inspired to create an album together of songs about the forgotten "souls cloaked in mist" who once lived and died in the hills and vales of antiquity and yet haunt the darkness and mist until the telling of their tales liberates them.

Toward this end, at least 16 songs were authored and recorded for this project; and 10 of them made it to this album, (the) wHiTe HoRsEs (project): 'end of time.'

As things stand, though the recorded songs themselves will, of course, live on forever, the collaboration that created them ostensibly ended in 2006.

So, think of these as LEGACY recordings, only overlooking production flaws so the inspired performances are kept in tact.

That said, the yet undying wHiTe HoRsEs objective is: for as many people as possible to own, LISTEN to, be deeply moved by and to share these original recorded songs, repeatedly and in perpetuity.

So, on July 27, 2009, the go ahead was given to post the album - initiated via the MySpace player (in album format sequence) two nights later - and release it - first, as MP3 downloads and later this year (after mastering) as CDs, then add merchandise - all via the NIMBIT widget (activated on September 17th - below).

May these (magical) lyrical/musical tales about the lives of "souls cloaked in mist" invoke, liberate and inspire ALL who make the time to really LISTEN to them...

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