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The new disc is complete and I could not be more excited or anxious to share these songs with everyone. "TINY MUSIC" was recorded in a barn's attic in Portland, ME, March 16-20, 2009. In a comfortably, creative time, friends arrived with open minds, one by one, all tracks were live and no more than 3 tries. How else were we to capture what we needed...those moments. Rough around the edges, it's the beauty of the beast. Straight from it's heart. TINY MUSIC (track listing) 1. My Winter Song 2. Moral Man 3. Bag of Rain 4. Love is a Lion 5. Orbit 6. Feel Like I 7. Vinegar 8. Down the Road Travis Cyr - Songs, Vox., Acoustic Guitars featuring appearances by... Frank Hopkins - Keys Putnam Smith - Banjo, Mandolin Matthew Lajoie - Electric Slide Guitar Adam Montminy - Upright Acoustic Bass Nate Cyr - Electric Bass Chuck Prinn - Drums Matt Beaulieu - Harmonica, Mandolin You can order a copy by mail for $10.00 at t.cyr po box 205 van buren, ME 04785 OR...pick one up at a show. I also have a limited number of 2007's "A Gentle Force" left as well.