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THe Blackhands - "Friends" EP in the works!

The Blackhands are currently hard at work writing the final installment of their three EP series; this last addition to the series will be entitled "Friends". The release is slated for December 2012. "We're all excited for this record to come out. I think it's definitely going to take things to a new level," said Bradley Riot, singer and guitar player for The Blackhands. The band claims this record will have a more live feel than it's predecessors, but will maintain the same studio quality sound fans are used to hearing. "The songs are faster, more raw and honest than the previous EP's have been," said Riot. "We're digging deep lyrically as well. I've never been more satisfied or challenged while making music than I've felt while making this record and I think that's important. We're each pushing ourselves past limits of comfort." After the release, The Blackhands plan on touring extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe.